“ Sketch Card Mania” is a book that Denise Vasquez conceptualized & co-authored with artist/author Randy Martinez, published & released by IMPACT Books May 2011. Randy has illustrated well over 10,000 sketch cards for companies like Topps, Rittenhouse, Upper Deck, Breygent Marketing, and 5Finity Productions over the years and he is the reason Denise got into doing sketch cards. Over the years, Denise has also illustrated thousands of sketch cards for companies like Topps Trading Cards, Cryptozoic, The Art Hustle, Breygent Marketing, Sadlittles,  5Finity and more! About a year into doing them, she began receiving hundreds of emails daily asking questions like “Who do you contact to do sketch cards?”, “Your personal sketch cards & Randy’s are so cool, how did you make them?” “How do you sell your art?” Denise attempted to answer hundreds of emails coming in daily. Taking notice to the fact that the emails were basically asking the same questions, Denise approached Randy with a question: “Has anyone ever written a book about sketch cards?” When he replied "no", Denise pitched an idea she had for a book about sketch cards. Randy loved Denise's idea, added some of his own ideas, then pitched the book to his publishers at IMPACT Books and they loved it! 

In 2009 they hit some bumps in the road, like licensing issues with some of the art they wanted to use in the book but they found alternative solutions to the challenges, and decided to feature original art in the book instead! It took them two years to make it happen, but they did it! “Sketch Card Mania” is the first book of its kind! "Sketch Card Mania" gives you a brief description on the history of sketch cards, shows you how to design and construct your own personal sketch card, talks about printing, cutting and mounting your sketch card, explains options for storing, protecting and presenting your sketch cards, techniques on using different mediums and materials, demonstrations on how to draw characters, and the final chapter features Denise's specialty, "The art of self promotion"! The last chapter covers everything from how to build your website, pro tips and interviews with art directors working in the industry, creating a presence and building your network on the internet using social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and more! The chapter also covers what you need to be a prepared artist, how to land a sketch card job and what to do once you land one,  and listed websites and resources. Randy Martinez and Denise Vasquez wanted to share the book with their fellow artists, showcasing a variety of styles, so besides their own artwork, they featured the following amazing artists work throughout the book: Terese Nielsen, Leah Mangue, Nicole Falk, Soni Alcorn-Hender, Ingrid Hardy, Matt Busch, Mark Mchaley, Alex Alderete, Len Bellinger, Jeff Chandler, Luis Diaz, and Jamie Snell.   “Sketch Card Mania” is available at Blick Art Materials, Amazon, your local bookstore, or you can order an autographed copy directly from the authors at . To learn more about "Sketch Card Mania" follow "Sketch Card Mania" on Twitter

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