Thursday, May 31, 2018

San Diego Fair Photo Exhibition

Photo: Randy Martinez

There are so many photography opportunities, contests & shows, it's hard sometimes to know where to begin when submitting. Knowing where you are, where you want to be & having goals certainly helps! Do your homework and figure out what's best for you! I did a lot of research & the San Diego Fair photo contest caught my attention. The San Diego Fair's website is filled with so much information, is very organized, specific & professional. I love that there were a lot of great options for categories to choose from, which at first made it challenging for me to decide which photo to submit. This contest offered so many wonderful opportunities too! There are chances to show your work, network, learn, win money prizes & ribbons, and the show is a month long which is great exposure and a chance to sell your work! I submitted one photo, my Joshua Tree Sunset! How did I finally decide on which photo to submit? It's one of my favorite's & my mom's too! 

My experience from start to finish was a pleasant one. Any time I needed assistance or had any questions, there was always someone there to help! I made sure to follow all of the instructions on submitting & it paid off! I was so excited when I got news my photo made it to Tier 2. I wanted my photograph to look it's best, so I went to John Watts at Watts Digital Imaging to do the mounting & printing. John did a great job! 

The hardest part for me was the anticipation. I didn't know if my photo made it into the show until I arrived at the Artist Reception & saw it hanging. I am truly honored. Over 4,000 people submitted & my photo made it in. The show is beyond inspiring & I am so excited to be in such amazing company. Thank you to all the judges for the opportunity! 

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