Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Happy Birthday To Me & The San Diego Safari Park Baby Giraffe!

As I sit here reflecting on some great journeys over the years, I'm realizing the older I get, the better my birthdays get! I love celebrating life by traveling somewhere & doing something new!

I feel blessed for having such great moments & memories & I'm so happy to have had another great adventure this year!

This year, my boyfriend Randy Martinez and I ventured to San Diego for my birthday which was on June 29th. We stayed at a great hotel on the bay in Mission Bay called The Dana which included a great Breakfast buffet every morning. Perfect way to kick off our fun filled days! 

During our stay in San Diego, we went for walks along the bay, soaked in the hot tub, ventured to the San Diego Zoo, the biggest & most beautiful Zoo I've ever been to, and then on my birthday we ventured to The San Diego Safari Park! Each Park was unique, but both parks were incredible experiences! I shot over 3,000 photos so be sure to follow my Photography sites online to see my photos:

My birthday was filled with so many surprising moments from feeding a Giraffe & Rhino to unexpectedly seeing a baby Giraffe being born! I now share a birthday & a special bond with that baby giraffe! Happy Birthday to me & The San Diego Safari Park Baby Giraffe! 

The Climb

Sometimes I find myself climbing outside the norm to discover that perfect moment & to be able to capture it is truly a gift! 

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Dare To Dream, Stand Up & Live It!

Photo: Randy Martinez

I truly love doing stand up comedy! One of my dreams come true! So happy I am able to check this off my bucket list! I knew I wanted to do stand up comedy when I was a teenager. After too many years of wondering about it, 4 years ago I finally decided to do it. I thought to myself, what's the worst that would happen...nothing really...I would try it, not like it, but at least I could say I did it. Thankfully, That was not the case! From the first moment I did stand up comedy, I loved it! Not for the fame, or recognition, for the love of the craft & for me! I love challenges & stand up comedy is a great one! There is nothing like learning the craft of comedy, doing the work, writing, writing, hitting mics, seeing what works & what doesn't, then rewriting & seeing the work all come together while going on a journey sometimes filled with mixed emotions: shock, joy, riding the wave of laughter with the audience. I'm so happy I did it! This is a big accomplishment for me! If you don't want to live your life thinking "What If, or should've would've could've" I'm living proof, it's never to late to live your dreams! 

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