Monday, February 3, 2014

RIP Philip Symour Hoffman

I'm so sad to see that Heroin has taken another artist who I love and admire so much! Many many years ago I got cast to be a heroin addict named "Ivory" in one of the most intense plays I've ever performed in...a play by Henry Wyatt called "Miasma". As a method actress studying at The Lee Strasberg Theater Institute in NYC & at The Puerto Rican Traveling Theater at the time...I always did whatever I could to really live the roles I was cast in! Becoming Ivory for me was the biggest challenge in my life because Heroin terrified me! I saw what it did to people who I knew & loved like Miles Davis...Someday I'll share my Miles Davis Stories in my comedy...I studied Heroin...the drug...the life...the effects...watched movies like Frank Sinatra in the "Man With The Golden Arm" books...hung out where the junkies hung out...and even went to a few NA meetings...I think I freaked my mom, my friends, the cast out....I know they wondered if I was doing it because I lost weight for the role too...BUT I never tried the drug...Honestly I was too terrified I might like it! I will never judge another human being for living their lives the way they chose on their journey. All I can say is I LOVE Philip Seymour Hoffman as an artist, he will be missed, but always remembered! RIP. Now you can Philip!

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