Friday, October 25, 2013

Flashback Friday: Jungle Fever

Here's a flash of my ass in "Jungle Fever"

Back in the day we didn't have camera phones, iphones, twitter, instagram, youtube, internet, or google...we did live performances to showcase our talent, mailed out invites or went door to hand deliver invites to people to shows... I LOVE performing live & did a lot of theater, dance recitals, music performances, IMPROV, Sketch Comedy & other live showcases over the years. I did so many mailings & postcard follow ups, couldn't tell you how many! Many casting directors here might remember how creative I got with my mailings! No manilla envelopes for me! I would send my Black & white 8x10's out in artistic style! Every mailing was a piece of art! Helped get attention, and My acting, singing, dancing skills & dancer body got me auditions resulting in me booking a lot of professional paid work in music videos, TV, feature films like "Jungle Fever" over the years in New York City, The Virgin Islands, Los Angeles... No part is too small for me, I see every opportunity for what it opportunity! To learn, to work, to introduce yourself, your work, to grow, to connect...I first got booked to work on "Jungle Fever" doing extra work playing a drug addict in the crack house. The cast & crew were so amazing! I learned SOooo much watching Spike Lee in action...not to mention Samuel Jackson, Halle Berry & Wesley Snipes! I remember comedian Sinbad was on the set keeping the energy up & I think Charlie Murphy was there too! Such a long, but fun day! My job was to cross from one side of the lobby to the other (at the time I smoked, so I was smoking a cigarette too)...cross in front of the camera, up the stairs where Wesley Snipes enters & follows me up the stairs into the "Den"...People kept telling me I have such a nice butt! #MmmmHmmm well there I am shaking that ass in "Jungle Fever" LOL! Some people look down on doing extra work...not me! Like I mentioned earlier, many opportunities to learn, to work, to introduce yourself, your work, to grow, to connect & There's always a chance of getting upgraded & it's happened for me a number of times! Even on this job, I got called back in to do stand in work & later got booked on "Malcolm X"...Every moment is an opportunity! I am grateful for every one I have to live my dreams!

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