Thursday, July 11, 2013

When The Words Come, Listen! by Denise Vasquez

When I awoke this morning, words were flowing through me! Before I go to bed at night, I always make sure I have one of my journals & a pen right beside me on my dresser for times like this! You never know when & where inspiration will strike...

"Always be prepared"

I picked up my pen, grabbed my journal & began writing. I was vomiting words onto the blank pages. I didn't think, I just wrote...and wrote...and wrote. I allowed myself to be connected & inspired by my words flowing from deep within, through me & out onto the page! Obviously I had a LOT to say! I literally filled up half of my journal by the time I realized that the words were flowing through me faster than I could write! I didn't want to disconnect with the flow, so I grabbed my iphone, turned on my voice recorder & started speaking the words as they were coming to me. It was truly a magical experience! I love it when this happens. It's certainly isn't the first time this has happened & it certainly won't be the last. I push myself to write every day! I've done so for over 20 years & I have boxes of my journals in my closet filled with my writings! So I know oh too well when my thoughts, words, images, ideas are clear & talking to me...I listen! I stop what ever it is I'm doing and get it down! Some of my best songs, poems, shorts, sketches, articles, blogs... I've written over the years were at times like this, and some of the best works of art I've created has come to me in the same manner. Like I heard Tom Petty say during a panel at The ASCAP Expo "Never ignore your muse!" I couldn't agree more!

Peace, Love, Art & Soul
Denise Vasquez 

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