Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Tricks Of The Trade: Do's & Dont's: Auditioning, Working on Set, Confidentiality & Posting online!

While at an audition today, I noticed signs posted all over the casting offices regarding social media. As more & more people are using social media to promote what they are doing, we still have to bear in mind the Do's & Don'ts in professional etiquette! Production likes being the one to make announcements about their projects, so when in doubt, wait until production makes the announcement or you get the OK from your manager, post about the project. The signs that were posted at the casting office stated that no one should post on social media any information pertaining to any details about the casting, location or the project. Many casting directors at auditions are posting signs as a courtesy reminding actors what not to do! Actors that ignore this, run the risk of not getting hired for the job, and they also run the risk of getting banned from future projects! I've also been on sets where I've seen people getting their phones taken away, getting sent home due to taking photos on location & posting information about what was happening on set. Like I wrote about in my book "Sketch Card Mania", "Self promotion is an art form in itself!" Think before you post! You can say things like "I'm excited about having an audition today! or I'm excited about working on set today". There are ways to promote yourself online without saying too much while remaining professional!

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