Thursday, January 31, 2013

A Word to the wise: BE BOLD, BE BRAVE, BELIEVE in yourself!

We all have a beautiful light that wants to shine from within. 
Never allow anyone to dim that light! 
I'm seeing some of my facebook friends post more & more about how to deal with negative people & bullies. 
If someone is negative, that is THEIR issue, don't make it yours! 
Some people are drama queens, energy vampires, negativoes, bullies...and they thrive on trying to have power over others. 
It's a sad way to go through life & some of those people are mental! 
Some bullies get satisfaction in the moment, but when that moment is gone, they are left with their darkness & hatred they carry within themselves. 
For my beautiful, positive, giving friends...
NEVER allow anyone to affect you in a negative way, causing you to stop being who you are & shining your light! 
BE BOLD...BE BRAVE...BELIEVE in yourself AND keep shining your light!

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