Monday, September 17, 2012

Fun times at Stan Lee's Comikaze & Bonnie Con!

This weekend was such a blast! It will take me a few days to recover from Stan Lee's Comikaze Expo. Saturday & Sunday both started early and ended late, but it's well worth it! I had the pleasure of connecting with some of my favorite people who inspire me beyond, and I participated in some amazing activities all weekend long!  

This was my first time attending Comikaze. I went with an open heart & an open mind with no expectations. The heat was on (Literally)...I'm told the fire department was in full force. Nothing stopped the show from going on & fun times were had by all! Congratulations to all of the crew who made Comikaze a success! Hard to believe this is only the second year! I'm eagerly anticipating next can't come soon enough! 

My man Randy Martinez & I had the pleasure of being guest artists at the Angry Koala Gear booth. It was their first time having a booth at a convention. Randy & I wanted to lend our support & I'm really glad we did! They did a fantastic job! They had a beautiful, professional looking booth featuring awesome banner, T-shirts, and wooden buttons with their Angry Koala Logo. They had custom resin Cthulhu Chameleon sculpts displayed in beautiful cases, including the one they commissioned me to make for them (I created the Glow in the Dark "Futurama Dr Zoidberg")
Some of the customs were on display from the contest they hosted with  Angry Koala Gear  also released exclusive prints including the "Empowerment Mega Fan Girl" Print by Randy Martinez & I. 

Randy & I love collaborating on projects & it was really fun sharing our new projects including our custom comic wearable art magnets! Angry Koala Gear invited me to bring my Glow in the dark Star Wars Dia De Los Muertos Vader Helmet & my custom vinyl toys, and they had them displayed beautifully in a case for everyone to enjoy! They had a table set up for us to have our merchandise & our signing. We had our book "Sketch Card Mania" (IMPACT Books) & Randy's "Creature Features: How To Draw Amazing Monsters & Aliens" book (IMPACT Books).

They were wonderful hosts and made us feel right at home! Thank you Angry Koala Gear for having us! Over the weekend we had the pleasure of meeting another guest artist at the booth. Manny Torres is a super talented artist & super nice man! He was such a pleasure to be around & he was kind enough to give me beautiful Dia De Los Muertos earrings that he made! 

Once the convention was over on Saturday, Randy & I made our way home to drop off some art & rest up before heading to "Bonnie Con". I was exhausted, but I didn't care! Bonnie Burton is one of my favorite Ladies who inspires me beyond words, and as she was only in town for a couple of days for Stan Lee's Comikaze. It was so much fun seeing so many of my favorite people gathered together to celebrate. Randy & I put aside some of the custom wearable art magnets that we collaborated on & we had so much fun letting our friends pick the ones they wanted. Of course Bonnie was the first to choose & she picked her favorite "Godzilla"! 
All Photos: Courtesy of Randy Martinez

Just when I thought things couldn't get better, Sunday was even more incredible! I gave my friends Jin Yo & Victoria who are AMAZING Cosplayers & costumers some Vintage Star Wars Fabric from 1977 that Steve Sansweet gave to me! I wanted to share the love so I asked Jin Yo & Victoria if they would be into making me a pair of shorts, and I offered them the rest of the fabric! Jin Yo's sewing & tailoring skills blows me away! He made me the COOLEST Star Wars Shorts & delivered them to me during the convention on Saturday! They fit perfectly & I got them just in time to wear on Sunday with the shirt I designed for "Her Universe" ... like my shirt says "La Fuerza Es Fuerte Con Este" (The Force is Strong with this one!)
Photo: Courtesy of Victoria & Set To Stunning

Randy & I set up at "Angry Koala Gear Booth" hung out there for a little while, saw some great friends, made some new incredible connections, stopped by Aspen Comics, and made our way to our "Tricks Of The Trade" panel. We arrived at Room 301A a little early which was great because the panel before us ended early. All of my panelists: Randy Martinez, Michelle Smart, J.C. Reifenberg & Jennifer Landa arrived early, as did the film crews, so we set up quickly.

 It was amazing to see the room filling up early, to the point where it was standing room only out of the room and into the hallway! We were all there, and ready to go, so I jumped up and got the panel rolling! I really spent a lot of time organizing the panel! For some time, I thought about who I wanted on the panel & what questions to ask! I treated the panel the same way I would an interview for The or for "The Buzzz 4 U". I had so much fun! Panelists Randy Martinez, Michelle Smart, J.C. Reifenberg & Jennifer Landa all did an amazing job responding to my questions! They all totally opened up, shared their positivity, knowledge & insight! It was so inspiring for me to share the stage with such hardworking, talented, positive, professionals!
Photo: Courtesy of Mishal Samman

The applause at the end indicated to me that the audience felt what I was feeling! As I was exiting the room audience members said things like "That was the best panel ever", "That was really informative & inspiring" and the messages continue coming in even now! Truly a gift to be able to inspire while sharing information! Together WE CAN make a difference & we did! Truly an epic weekend all around & I am grateful for all of the magical moments! 

PeAce LoVe aRt & sOuL
Denise Vasquez

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