Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Fighting Darkness a tribute to 9/11 by Denise Vasquez

Sept 11th will forever be tattooed on my heart as the most intense & tragic day of my life! Being a native New Yorker, having worked in the twin towers many times, having family & friends that worked in the building & close by...words can not even begin to describe that day! I sat helplessly in Los Angeles, CA after receiving a phone call from my sister spilling a sense of terror with every breath on the other end of the phone as she said "We are under attack"...Words can not even begin to express the the emotional rollercoaster of anger & sadness that filled my heart...It was my best friends birthday, yes 9/11 now has a new meaning to her! The phone call from my sister woke us up...I didn't have a TV so we went next door & woke up my neighbor...Words can not even begin to describe what terror we felt, as millions of others did as we turned on the TV to witness the Towers coming down...We were all hysterical! We screamed, cried, were beyond shaken...it didn't seem real, but the tragic nightmare was!  We went outside to see what was going on...we were both crying as we walked...we were in shock...we thought walking would help, but it didn't...we grabbed some breakfast, and went back to my place. My friend sat & watched the news until she fell asleep, and I did the only thing I knew I could...create! I went into a zone...first I painted a patriotic butterfly red, white & blue on my Yamaha Acoustic/Electric Guitar...then I picked up my guitar, grabbed a pen & a blank piece of paper as I cried & wrote a song called "Fighting Darkness". I had a gig a couple of days later that I was hesitant to do until my mother in New York City suggested I do it as a tribute to the Fire Fighters...I did the show to a packed house at the Crooked Bar inside Coconut Teaszer in Hollywood on The Sunset Strip. Folks came down & asked if they could record my show! It was really intense, but I'm glad I did the show! I held onto the recordings for at least over a year until I finally listened to it. The show was so emotional & so important to many, that I decided to release it as my first album! I titled it "Fighting Darkness" after the song I wrote on 9/11 This is my tribute to the Fire Fighters, New Yorkers, victims, survivors & everyone who rebuilds & remembers. http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/denisev 

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