Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Making Of The Glow In The Dark R2D2 Custom Android vinyl Toy by Denise Vasquez

Glow in the dark R2D2 custom Android by Denise Vasquez

Artist Denise Vasquez was commissioned by a fan to create a custom Android vinyl toy for his collection. The Commissioner presented Denise with a Do It Yourself, Blank mini collectible Android, along with a list of characters not to do. The nice thing is, he left it open for the artist to decide which character she wanted to create, as long as it was not on the list. When Denise saw the shape of the figure, she was immediately inspired to create R2D2.  She was shocked and surprised that R2D2 was not on the list of characters already created for the commissioner. Denise decided not only was she going to create an R2D2, she was going to create her Glow in The Dark R2D2 Android! 

Denise likes to surround herself with things that inspire her while she's creating! She decided to use one of her man's vintage R2D2 Toys as her mascot & model. 

The first step in Denise's process was sketching out the design. She used a number 2 pencil to draw the design onto the figure. Once Denise was happy with the penciled design on the Android, she selected a variety of  colors to use from her favorite collection of Holbein paints. 

Denise applied Holbein MAT Acrylic Cerulean Blue paint, Black, Carmine Red, and other colors. When the Acrylic paint was completely dry, Denise applied a couple of layers of Glow in the dark paint, and allowed ample time for each coat to dry before applying more layers! The final touches to the Glow in the dark R2D2 Android by Denise Vasquez were varnish & final gloss spray. 

Denise is available for commissions and would be happy to create something like this for you. Contact her at  

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