Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Her Universe Spanish Vader T-shirt designed by Denise Vasquez lands in HOT TOPIC in PUERTO RICO!

Photo: Randy Martinez

Artist Denise Vasquez designed the popular Star Wars Spanish Vader T-shirt "La Fuerza Es Fuerte Con Este" for Her Universe. Since it's debut with Her Universe, it has been picked up by Disney for "Star Wars Weekends" in Orlando Florida & on HOT TOPIC online 
Photo: Kelsey Edwards 

Now the shirt has been showing up in HOT TOPIC Stores around the nation! Photos have been coming in from family, friends, proud supporters, geek girls, latinas, and Star Wars fans wearing their Spanish Vader T-shirt! The latest photo just came in all the way from HOT TOPIC in "Plaza Las Americas" in San Juan PUERTO RICO!

Photo: Zulma Antongiorgi 

Denise had this to say about her shirt landing in Puerto Rico: "Thank you! I'm so excited & emotional right now! I wish my grandfather "Papi" was here to go to the Plaza De Las Americas mall in Puerto Rico & see it for himself, but I know he is smiling down on me from heaven, and I know he is proud as ever! I'm so happy that my family in Puerto Rico are able to see it in HOT TOPIC stores & enjoy it! Words can not even begin to describe my happiness right now! Dare to dream & LIVE It! WE DID IT!!!

Artist Denise Vasquez Photo: Randy Martinez
Heather & Denise 
Carrie Balogas
Happy Fan at Course Of The Force

Congratulations Denise Vasquez, Her Universe & Hot Topic! This is a HUGE accomplishment!!!

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