Thursday, January 12, 2012


Hi everyone

I was selected to be a part of a very special project, creating art which benefits two causes...

Over the past three months, 24 carefully-selected artists have created original art pieces using authentic replica Darth Vader helmets. In the spirit of the Vader Project by DKE Toys, each artist was given creative freedom to interpret the helmet as he or she saw fit. Currently, helmets are being examined by an internal panel of judges, and top artists will receive cash prizes. Soon, you will have the chance to own one of these great works of art. Each helmet will be available via auction, beginning February 7, 2012. Proceeds will benefit the Midwest Art Catalyst and the Miracle League of North Mankato.

For this project, I created my "FRANKENVADER" As I began thinking about all of my favorite monsters, the idea came to me right away! Darth Vader and Frankenstein was the perfect combination! I started by giving him a name “FRANKENVADER”. I incorporated some of Frankenstein’s life into my Vader Helmet and I incorporated Star Wars by including some Star Wars symbols! My FRANKENVADER glows in the dark, too! Watch the making of video here

*Here is a link to the auction information & all of the helmets. Please “Like”, “Tweet”, and spread the love!

PeAcE LoVe aRt & sOuL
Denise Vasquez

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