Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Acting Headshots: Three new looks for Actress Denise Vasquez

 Photo: Chris Turk ©2011

I recently shot with a photographer by the name of Chris Turk & I must say I had the most incredible experience from start to finish! 

Over 20 years I discovered the fact that it can be a challenge to shoot with a photographer, whether you know the person or not...BUT when the choice is yours, and you do your'll find the right photographer for you! 

How will you know? Trust your instincts & listen to them! Interview the photographers & don't be afraid to ask questions! You're paying them, so they'll be working for you! You'll know it because you'll FEEL it!!! Whenever I know it's right I feel excited...inspired...right at home with the person...totally relaxed...confident...comfortable with them & with myself...and looking forward to working with the photographer, and ready to have fun!

A few months ago, I decided it was time to get new headshots! I've lost weight, I feel great, my look has changed, and I feel different since my last headshot photo shoot! I was ready!

Getting acting headshots is an important investment in myself & my career, so like anything else I invest in, I did my homework! 

I started doing research on acting headshot photographers. I made a file and began saving newspaper articles and reviews from "BackStage".  Based on what I read & saw,  I had some photographers in mind and I narrowed it down to a select few who I  really liked: Vanie Poyey , Kevyn Major Howard , Paul Smith   

I still hope to shoot with all of the above someday soon!!! 

I continued looking online, for comparison, and interviewing photographers that I knew...

One night, I went to a birthday party & the birthday boy, Deebo was showing everyone his new headshot. I immediately feel in love with the headshot & knew that was it! That's exactly what I was  looking for! My search was over! I asked Deebo who the photographer was & to my delight, it was someone I knew from the "Y" named Chris Turk! There was something about the photo that immediately grabbed me & stuck with me! It was obvious to me that the photographer had a GREAT eye by the essence and amazing quality of his work! The photographer was able to bring out Deebo's personality in the photo! That photo had so much life in it! I was so excited! I couldn't wait to get in touch with Chris...and so I did! He sent me more samples of his work, which made me even more excited! The headshots all looked natural, each one unique from the other, and not posed or stiff! And it looked like to brought to life everyone he shot through his photos...MAGIC!

Chris called me on the phone and we talked for a while about what I was wanting to get out of the photo shoot...we discussed what types of looks I was going many looks I many photos we would shoot..would I get the photos on a many touch ups.and more!

Once we worked out all of the details, we set up a time and place. I wanted to shoot outside, as an actor I love connecting with and feeding off of my environment and surroundings! We shot 5 looks/changes in four hours, and we shot on different locations! He obviously thought about where to shoot based on the type of looks I was going for! I was really impressed by that and he also was a GREAT director! My man came along to watch & help, and he was really impressed by the entire experience! I'm glad he was there to see and experience it too! (^.^)

Chris showed me the photos from time to time, it's as if he knew when he got "The One"...we basically shot until we knew we had what we needed! SWEET! Although we shot 5 looks, I had him touch up my 3 favorite looks. 

Why did I chose the 3 that I did? I based my choices on the types of roles that I'm submitting for.

One look is the Detective, Undercover cop, Lawyer, FBI, Villan...
 The second look is the Young mom, teacher, geek girl (that's me)...
 And the third look is the bad girl, street girl, mean girl...
 I'm really happy with how my photos turned out! I think they really capture me in each one of these roles!

Stay tuned for more acting stories!

PeAcE LoVe aRt & sOuL
Denise Vasquez


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