Sunday, April 17, 2011

1 of a Kind Custom Conan O'Brien & Charlie Sheen Celeb Vinyl Dolls By Denise Vasquez are up for auction on Ebay...

For those of you who have been inquiring 

About the Conan O'brien & Charlie Sheen 

1 of a kind Custom Celeb Vinyl Dolls

By Artist Denise Vasquez

Here's your chance to own them!

Nerdy Birds Art Nest has posted both of these items 

Up for auction on Ebay

The auctions started tonight for one week!

Here are the details:
The Conan O'Brien Celeb Vinyl Doll & his Horny Teddy 
by artist Denise Vasquez
*Is currently FEATURED in COCO MocA~The Museum Of Conan Art

Click Below to Bid on this item
 The Charlie Sheen Celeb Vinyl Doll
By Artist Denise Vasquez 
Click below to bid on this item
*Note: Nerdy Birds Art Nest is selling these items for the artist...
So yes, the $$$ will go to the artist Denise Vasquez
Good luck & happy Bidding!
PeAce LoVe aRt & sOuL
Denise Vasquez 
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