Sunday, February 20, 2011

Artist Denise Vasquez joins "The 9 Lives Of Kitty" at Hold Up Art

Artist Denise Vasquez with her "Hippie Hello Kitty"
 Available for purchase at
"Hold Up Art" 
In the
"The 9 Lives Of Kitty" 
"The Nine Lives of Kitty" is a fine art exhibition featuring original art produced by Los Angeles artists: Misha, Denise Vasquez, Sean D'Anconia, Lucky Bunny, Sharktoof, Maria Fleischman & Shawna Tripcic. The exhibition highlights the ever-present influence of iconic "Hello Kitty" character as created by Sanrio, on contemporary artists, and attempts to showcase a range of styles adapting the character. Since "Hello Kitty" was introduced to the world in 1974, her impact on the visual culture of the United States has been tremendous, rivaling that of "mickey Mouse" and "Bugs Bunny". Though stylistically "Hello Kitty" varies drastically from her Lowbrow counterparts created during the same decade, the character embodies one of Japan's largest contributions to the Lowbrow art movement that currently fuels today's contemporary art scene"
Contact the gallery if you'd like to purchase the "Hippie Hello Kitty" by artist Denise Vasquez 
358 E 2nd St
LA, CA 90012

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  1. Great meeting you guys last night -Hope to see you again soon!