Thursday, December 30, 2010

Denise Vasquez Personal Top 20 Highlights for 2010

"I am an artist who creates because it is a part of my being" ~Denise Vasquez 
I feel VERY blessed to be living my dreams! 
Some people think the life of an artist is glamorous and easy, but the truth is being a full time, indie artist, is a constant struggle...
I can tell you that I pretty much worked 7 days a week this year! I am not complaining because I am truly living my dreams! 

Stan Lee said it best when he said "Why would I wait until I retire to do what I love...The work I'm doing right now is what I love!" Amen to that Stan!
Being the best artist that I can be is all I ever known...and it takes hard work! But it's all good & I LOVE what I do, so it doesn't feel like work...My favorite part of creating is my process, and my journey!
So I guess it's been a good struggle! (^.^)
I can honestly look back on this year and see that I really spent every moment, of each day doing what I love which is creating my art utilizing every medium life offered me!
By writing this list featuring my Top 20 highlights for 2010, I can see that every day this year, I've taken more risks! I can see where I made bold choices & where I took chances which opened many doors! I can also see where I left behind rejection or negativity which led me to NEW incredible opportunities! I've learned something new with each lesson, growing stronger and wiser, leading me to stay creative while applying my experiences to my art! So I now as I'm looking back, I'm embracing it all!
Looking back on 2010, I can say I had an INCREDIBLE year filled with many ups & downs...
What a rollercoaster ride! 
As I like to stay focused on the positive side of life, I'd like to share with you my personal
Top 20 Highlights for 2010
1- Writing our book “Sketch Card Mania” with Randy Martinez for IMPACT Books coming to a bookstore near you in 2011! Sketch Card Mania
2- Me & Stan Lee: Meeting Stan Lee during San Diego Comic Con & him falling in love with my Stan Lee custom figure I designed & created of him!
From then on, ALL of my encounters with Stan Lee: Being invited to POW Entertainment, being told I inspire them & My Stan Lee figure I created is the background image on Stan Lee’s myspace page…I am Being featured as a guest blogger on his websites…words can not begin to describe how truly honored I am!
3-Selected by Direct Buzz Magazine for their “Worthy Works” award & being featured in the magazine
4-My Wo+men 4 A Cause and I being Featured in Music Connection Magazine
5- Inducted by SWGP Star Wars Club Portugal as an Honorary Member
6- Performing 3 shows (with a broken thumb) for Daisy Rock Guitars at The NAMM Show (On the Main Stage, at the Hilton hotel in The Ballroom, and at the Daisy Rock Guitars booth)
7- Creating my custom “Glowing Love Yoka” for the DKE Toys/Adfunture Yoka show & my Yoka selling the first night of the Premiere of the Tour at “The Black Maria Gallery”!
8- JediCon in Germany: connecting with the fans, making AMAZING new friends, being a part of the most INCREDIBLE show & performing one of my songs during closing ceremonies
10- Torino Comics & Star Wars Fest in Turin Italy: Connecting with the fans, making new friends, touring around the beautiful sites of Torino with Randy Martinez, Matthew Wood, Tara O’Sullivan & tasting incredible wine & food!
 11-My Avatar Storm Trooper Helmet I designed & created for the 501st TK Helmet project going viral, ending on hundreds of websites all around the world including sites like ,Slashfilm &, Mintinbox, Galacticbinder, part of this amazing project that helped raise over $50,000 for Make A Wish!
12-My Wonder Woman Day Art: Getting word that Pete Marston (son of the guy who created Wonder Woman) won one of my Wonder Woman pieces I created for the Wonder Woman Day Charity auction to put in his Wonder Woman Museum…we raised $16,500 for SAFE in Hunterdon in NJ! I created another piece for the auction held in Oregon…not sure what that one raised, but benefited a great cause!
13-Chicagoland Entertainment Collectors Expo- My first trip EVER to Chicago…my first Chicago Pizza at Lou Malnatti’s with Randy Martinez & Jimmy Mac...seeing Slash open for Billy Idol at the Riviera & being a part of the “Treasure Chest” project... Amazing Trip!
14-Experiencing Roger Waters perform THE WALL live in Anaheim, having 13th row center seats & VIP Hospitality badges, hanging with people who inspire me BEYOND
16- Dragon Con~ Everything about being a part of it, but especially the promotion panel I was on!
17- All of the great articles, blogs, videos I wrote, created, produced featuring amazing people, but my favorite feature/interview to date was with Rudy Sarzo
18-Connecting with amazing family, friends & fans around the world
19-Losing Weight: 25 pounds & counting (^.^)
20-Exciting new projects that I have in the works that you’ll have to wait until 2011 to see (^.^)
Happy New Year Everyone! 
Looking forward to setting new goals & Resolutions for 2011!
PeAcE LoVe aRt & sOuL
Denise Vasquez 


  1. Denise,

    it was fantastic to finally meet you in Düsseldorf. I followed your blog and it was truely an amazing ride for you through the 2010 rollercoaster.
    I wish you all the best for 2011, lots of inspiration and great encounters (maybe even of the 3rd kind? *lol*)


  2. It was a pleasure meeting you too Andrea! Thank you for following my blog! I appreciate your continued love & support! 2011 is wonderful so far! I hope I have the chance to come back to Dusseldorf again!

    PeAcE LoVe aRt & sOuL