Tuesday, August 3, 2010

To be professional or not to be professional...

There's been a potentially dangerous trend 

Happening in the art industry

Unprofessionals are being hired 

To do professional artists work

Some unprofessionals manage to get booked on jobs

 -By being recommended by someone they know

-By someone giving a new artist a chance

-By brown-nosing the right people

-By being pushy...

Good for them for making it that far!

But what happens when they take on the job?

Most of these unprofessionals

Have no realistic grasp on what 

Being a professional artist means!

Here's a few things to bear in mind 

Part of being a professional artist means "CCC"

-Committing to the job you take on 100%

-Creating the best product that you're capable of

-Completing it by the deadline...

It's been happening more & more

Where unprofessionals have no respect for the project or people involved...

Unprofessionals take on jobs

That they're incapable of handling...

Unprofessionals DO NOT communicate

Unprofessionals DO NOT follow directions

Unprofessionals DO NOT read their contract

Unprofessionals return INCOMPLETE product

Unprofessionals ALWAYS have an excuse

Unprofessionals HOLD UP the project

Unprofessionals DO NOT meet deadlines

Unprofessionals keep other artists involved in the project 

AND the company from getting paid in a timely manner!

All of these things are happening right now on a project I worked on

The deadline was MAY!!!

It's August & some unprofessional artists 

STILL HAVE NOT completed the project!

The thing that these unprofessionals don't realize

Is how small the industry is

If you know you're already doing too much...

Don't take on the project!

If you will be traveling a LOT...

Don't take on the project!

There are millions of artists

That are just as great

That would love to have the opportunity

To get that job & done on time!

Licenses know each other and they talk!

Word will get around 

The Artist is either really professional and a pleasure to work with


The artist is really unreliable, difficult & unprofessional

Those Unprofessionals may have gotten to where they are now

But they will only go so far!

To be professional or not to be professional

There is no question

If you want to have a career in the art/entertainment industry

Be professional!

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PeAcE LoVe ArT & sOuL
Denise Vasquez

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  1. I could not have said it better! Glad to read someone else sees what I'm seeing. Thanks for speaking up!