Thursday, June 24, 2010

Star Wars Artist Randy Martinez Strikes Again!

Photo: Denise Vasquez ©2010

Many of you might recognize 

The Art of Randy Martinez...

Aside from being a published 

Author, Illustrator, Musician, Designer...

Randy has Created

Official Key Art

For Star Wars Celebration IV in Los Angeles

Star Wars Celebration Europe in London

Jedi Con in Dusseldorf Germany

And now...

Star Wars Artist Randy Martinez

Strikes Again!

Randy Martinez has Created 13 

New & Original

Official Works of Art 

That will be FEATURED 

By Lucasfilm

For Star Wars Celebration V

Here's a Sneak Peek 

At Two newly released pieces:

To learn more about Artist Randy Martinez

Visit his Official Website

Stay tuned for The "Making Of" 

Photos & videos coming SOON


PeAcE LoVe aRt & sOuL
Denise Vasquez