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Official 501st Droid Hunt Badges Revealed featuring Star Wars Artists Denise Vasquez, Dan Bergren, Noah Albrecht & Grant Gould

Official 501st Droid Hunt badges 

For Star Wars Celebration V revealed!

All four badges feature original art 

By licensed Star Wars artists!

First up is by Artist Denise Vasquez 

*Denise will have a VERY LIMITED AMOUNT

Of her badges to give away daily


Be sure to stop by her table

In Artists Alley

For your chance to get one!

Denise Vasquez is a professional artist whose talents run the gamut from being an Award Winning Singer/Songwriter/Guitarist, to being an Actress, Published Author & illustrator. An artist with a cause, Denise is also an Activist & Founder of WO+MEN 4 A CAUSE celebrating over 10 years! Denise is a Lucasfilm Licensed Artist, is currently working on her 4th musical album project "LIFE HAPPENS", and is Co-author of “SKETCH CARD MANIA” for Impact Books/F&W Media coming soon to a Bookstore near you. Denise has designed and illustrated Music posters, CD covers, logos, T-shirts, flyers, 3D Vinyl Art, Sketch Cards and has sold many of her original artwork on canvas, glass,clothing & Windows. Denise has also done work for DKE Toys, Impact Books, Topps, Breygent Marketing, World View Graphics & more! Feel free to browse her website to learn more 

Next badge is by Artist Dan Bergren
Dan Bergren is a self-taught artist who has found work doing portrait and mural commissions, as well as his own original creations. As well as being a fan of the Star Wars Saga, Dan is also a member of the Rebel Legion, the world's largest Star Wars rebel costuming group, and the 501st Legion, the world's premiere Star Wars "bad guy" costuming group. These groups are often requested by Lucasfilm and various charity organizations to make appearances at events, from movie premieres and awards shows to fundraisers and children's hospital visits.
Dan's first LFL licensed work was on Topps' Indiana Jones Masterpieces sketch card set, in fall 2008. Next, Dan worked on Topps' Star Wars Galaxy 4 series, and later The Clone Wars Widevision and Galaxy 5 series. He recently completed one hundred sketch cards for the Empire Strikes Back 3D set, as well as other sets for Breygent Marketing Inc. Dan is also one of the artists participating in the 501st TK Helmet Project, proceeds from which will go to Make A Wish."
See more of Dan's work at 

Next badge is by Artist Noah Albrecht 
Since the day he could hold a crayon, Noah has been drawing on anything he could get his hands on. From the time he saw his first Disney movie to a steady diet of after school and Saturday morning cartoons and Japanese anime, he always had a diverse palette of artistic influences. Combined with some intensive traditional training along the way, the culmination of all of this eventually led to Noah completing a Bachelor of Science degree in Media Arts & Animation from the Art Institute of California- Orange County. From there, his foray into professional illustration started. 

The final badge is by Artist Grant Gould  
Grant Gould is a freelance artist who's worked on various Star Wars products over the years, as well as many of the kids' features found on Recently Grant illustrated the Klutz book "Draw Star Wars: The Clone Wars," and he's also one of the regular artists on the Star Wars: The Clone Wars webcomic. You can find more of his work at his official site: 

Play the game and collect them all!

How to Play the Droid Hunt:
Stop by the 501st Legion fan table at a participating local event and pick up your official "Droid Badge." The Droid Hunt is often a multi-day event (distribution of badges on one day and game play/prize redemption on successive days), so check with the 501st representatives when you pick up your badge. These collectible Droid Badges are FREE while supplies last.
If your Droid Badge is confiscated by the 501st during game play, visit the 501st fan table during prize distribution with your claim ticket to see if you are a winner! Unclaimed prizes will be forfeited at the end of prize distribution.

Will the 501st find you?

To learn more Go to

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PeAcE LoVe aRt & sOuL
Denise Vasquez 

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