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June 14th Marks the 

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My desire & passion to share 

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My series began with Featuring & interviewing 

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With that being said, This interview Features:

Jacob Dubi  from FanForce

 - How did you find out about FanForce?
 I've known about the FanForce a few years, through the Comic-Cons and, before I joined the group in July 2008 at the San Diego Comic-Con.

- What inspired you to want to join?
 I wanted to join a Star Wars group for a while; since the movies, and everything about them inspired my imagination many years ago. I became a big fan in 1997, when the Special Edition trilogy started to come out, collecting everything I could find (and afford at the time). The saga (as well as other sci-fi/fantasy films) inspired me to become an artist. This led me to improve and learn more about art via art classes in high school, and eventually to go to, and graduate from The Art Institute. After graduating college, I had more time, and a few years later thought that it may be fun to get to know, and spend time with people with similar interests (Star Wars and other sci-fi fantasy). I also found out that the FanForce does charity work from time to time and saw this as a fun way to help out.

- Tell us About what being a member of FanForce means to you?
 Meeting and getting to know a lot of interesting people that I otherwise never would have known. Participating in different events. Such as the Walk MS and going to book signings. Catching up with everyone at monthly meetings, some of which sometime involve pizza, carne asada fries, laser tag, and mini-golf; among other fun things.

- How long have you been a member?
 I will be a member for 3 years this July

- Where have you traveled to participate in FanForce Events?
 So far I only participated in one major local event with the FanForce, The Walk MS 2010 at Legoland. Also went to the James Luceno "Millennium Falcon" book signing event in October 2008 at Mysterious Galaxy Books.

-How do you decide what events to participate in?
 Depends on the event; if it's local, and/or if I can afford to go to/participate in it at the time.

-What’s your fondest FanForce memory?
 So far, participating in Walk MS 2010 (with a few members of other local SW groups); which is not only a great cause; but, a friend was recently diagnosed, inspiring me to participate even more.

 -What’s your favorite thing about being a FanForce member?
 Getting to know other members and building friendships

-What’s the day like for you preparing for an event?
 I usually just show up at the time of the event

-Do you have duties you have to adhere to during events?
 Not many, just being at the event and supporting the group

-Do you have any favorite charities you support?
 So far it has been the National MS Society. But there may be others in the near future.

-Any upcoming events?
 We actually just had a Greedo de Mayo Celebration to celebrate our 8th anniversary (almost 3rd for me).  We will be participating at the unofficial SW Day at Disneyland on June 27th; and will have a table at the San Diego Comic-Con 2010 (for which we are in the first stages of planning something for local charities).

-Anything else you would like to add?
 I had a good 3 years with the group so far, and am looking forward to many more years and memories to come.


Jacob Dubi

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