Sunday, June 13, 2010

Artist Randy Martinez is having a Star Wars poster blowout sale!

Star Wars Artist
Is making room for NEW art
So he’s having an AMAZING

Poster Blowout Sale!!!

Here’s your chance to get some incredible deals
Items created by Randy Martinez!

The official 2010 Jedi-Con  Poster
"Star Wars Rocks"
Measurements: 33"X 23 1/8"

Jedi Con Badges
Only 10 available
5 1/8" X  3 1/2"

 Star Wars Celebration Europe

One of the most rare and sought after posters in recent years!

This poster Celebrates 30 years of Star Wars and 40 years of "The Beatles'" iconic album "Sgt. Peppers" Also known as "Sgt. Lucas", This poster is filled with details and surprises!

*Little known fact, Photoshop was not used to create this piece of art 
The Original is 100% 3D Art!

Star Wars Celebration Europe Official Poster
VERY LIMITED pieces available 
23 1/8" X 23 1/8th"

Also Available:
Star Wars Celebration Europe Official Program Book 
Same Image as poster
9 7/8" X 9 6/8"

The First of 3 Official Poster/Program Book Illustrations for Star Wars Celebrations Randy Martinez has created (Celebration IV, Celebration Europe, & Celebration 5). The Star Wars Celebration IV Poster features the family and influences of Anakin Skywalker/ Darth Vader. The Piece Celebrates 30 years of Star Wars, taking us back to that very first scene of Star Wars: A New Hope (The Star Destroyer Chasing Princess Leia's Blockade Runner)

Star Wars Celebration  IV Official Poster
36" X 24"

Also Available:
Star Wars Celebration  IV Official Program Book
Same image as Poster
10 3/4" X 8"

"Sith Rocks"

One of the most talked about and beloved pieces of "Star Wars meets Rock n' Roll" art ever. This Limited Edition Print features all of your favorite Star Wars Bad guys rocking out to "Power of the Dark Side" An absolutely fun and exciting piece filled with details and humor that will have you saying OMG. Darth Maul Playing a Double sided Guitar, and the Emperor playing...cowbell? 

This is the perfect poster for Star Wars and Rock N Roll fans alike! 

Star Wars Celebration Europe (Sith Rocks) Limited Edition Lithograph
24" X 18"

Free with purchase of 3 or more Posters

Special Bonus Offer!!!

*Order (1) Jedi-Con Poster or (1) Star Wars Celebration Europe Poster get (1) Star Wars Celebration IV Official poster at half price for $15!

*Buy Both (1) Jedi-Con Poster and (1) SW Celebration IV Posters receive (1) Star Wars Celebration Official IV Poster FREE!

*Order (3) or More posters Receive (1) Star Wars Celebration Official IV Poster & (1) Star Wars Celebration Europe "SithRocks" AP Free!

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