Wednesday, May 26, 2010

My hike to Batman 's Cave

Photo: Denise Vasquez ©2010

Welcome To 


Not a day goes by

Where I take living in 

Hollywood, California 

For granted

I LOVE living in Hollywood

And today

Was just another 



Photo: Denise Vasquez ©2010

I spent most of my morning




Creating Art...

Around 2:00pm

I felt inspired to take a break 

And go for a hike

Photo: Denise Vasquez ©2010

I'm fortunate to live 

In Franklin Village

 I walked North along

Canyon Drive

Photo: Denise Vasquez ©2010

Until the end of the road

I reached a section of

Griffith Park

Photo: Denise Vasquez ©2010

Known as Bronson Canyon

There are many paths 

You can take 

Photo: Denise Vasquez ©2010

Once you enter

If you turn right 

Just before the 

"Camp Hollywood Land" Sign

Photo: Denise Vasquez ©2010

At the right (east) side of the road 

You'll see a small concrete bridge painted red

Cross the bridge and walk around the vehicle barrier

Follow the unpaved road

That path will take you to

The legendary Bat Cave

Photo: Denise Vasquez ©2010

Where many movies & TV shows 

Have been filmed 

Over the years...

Walk along the trail 

Until you reach a fork in the road

Go left

And on the right 

You'll see Bronson Caves

Photo: Denise Vasquez ©2010

Also known as Batmans' Bat Cave

I walked thru the cave 

Which was really cool

Photo: Denise Vasquez ©2010

On the other side

Of The Caves 

Walk to the left 

To see an AMAZING View

Of The Hollywood Sign

Photo: Denise Vasquez ©2010

I had a wonderful hike

I was really inspired 

by everything

Around me

There's nothing like

Being one with nature

Stay tuned for more

Adventures with me 

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PeAce LovE aRt & sOuL
Denise Vasquez

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