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Welcome to another special edition of my " IT'S ALL ABOUT THE MEMBERS SERIES"

This interview Features 501st Legion Member KIT SOVINE

-How did you find out about the 501st?
we were at Charlie Ross' One Man Star Wars Show back in May of 2005 & they were Trooping it, so there were TK's & Sandy's & Fett's. oh my!! :p

-What inspired you to want to join?
my brother wanted to after we saw them at Ross' show & i thought it would be a fun family thing for us to do & to have Star Wars Armor... need i say more?? :p

-Which Garrison are you a part of?
So. Cal. Garrison

-When did you join? How long have you been a member?
i signed up in Nov. of 2007 & was approved as TK-2384 in Feb. 2008, so just over 2 years now.  i am also a member of our sister club the Rebel Legion, i've been with them for about a year & a half.

-How did you decide on your costume?
we were picking up my brother's TX (Shadow Trooper) & they brought a TK (Stormtrooper) by mistake. so i thought okay, this is cool, i'll take it!!

-Where did you get your costume? Did you make yours?
i got the TK & Clone in a kit from outside sources, had to put them together & trimmed them down to fit. got Boba Fett as almost complete but have been upgrading it as i go along. i've done all of this with a lot of information & help from other Legion members. there are a lot of really great people in this Legion!

-Where have you traveled to participate in 501st events?
all over So. Cal. this year i will be heading to Orlando, Fl. for Celebration V.

-Where’s the farthest you’ve traveled?
North: Ventura, raising funds for a Black Belt Academy.South: Chula Vista, for a Cub Scout Gold Dinner.
East: Riverside, raising funds for a School Library.
West: Malibu, The Force Unleashed Book signing.

-What’s your fondest 501st memory?
i really don't have a fondest, i have trooped over 85 so far. when i look at pictures of them or talk with anyone about them, they all have great memories for me. i very much enjoy each one of them. 

-What’s your favorite thing about being a 501st member?
raising funds for Charities & putting smiles on little & big kids faces. i think it's cool when the adults get more jazzed then the kids.

-What’s the day like for you as a 501st member preparing for an event?
it starts the day before, with rechecking the armor making sure it's all good & packing it up. then it depends on the gig, some you have to get up for in the middle of the nite & others you have to make sure you get out early enough to work around the traffic. once your there you find out where to go, see how things are set up, then suit up & have some fun. when it's over you pack up & after most gigs almost everyone goes out to eat together & catch up with each other, so most gigs end up being 8 to 12 hrs days.

-Does the 501st have ranks or positions? What is your position?
yes, there's a whole command staff. the members that have those positions all do a great job running things. for the most part i'm just a Grunt, but i have been the Point Of Contact for a couple of gigs.

-Do you have duties you have to adhere to during events?
 it depends on the gig, just some of the times. most events are just making people happy & photo opts.

-Any upcoming events?
right now on the books for me, i will be helping out with & looking forward to...
Autism Alliance Fun Fair in Glendale.
Paul Biane Library in Rancho Cucamonga.
Star Wars In Concert in Ontario.
Balboa Naval Hospital in San Diego.

-Anything else you would like to add?
 over the last 2 years, i've had a great time meeting some interesting people, Trooping some really cool gigs & making friendships. it's really nice to able to have so much fun & be part of doing something that brings smiles & makes a difference for some good causes out there. & within that, i'd like to thank You & Randy both for all of the support you give the Legion. & as a special bonus for me, i've even met the man I wanna spend the rest of my life with, so getting to troop with him makes all of this that much better.

Stay tuned for more "IT'S ALL ABOUT THE MEMBERS"  FEATURES. My next interview is with Rachel Williams from Fan Force!

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