Sunday, April 25, 2010

My favorite Places: Albert Dock, Liverpool

Photo: Denise Vasquez ©2004

I left home when I was 17 years old

I've been traveling the world since...

The other day, I was going through my travel photos

When I stumbled upon this photo


This photo instantly

Took me back

In time

To when

I was invited to perform

At the legendary Cavern Club

Home of The Beatles

An offer I couldn't refuse


This was more than a gig...

This was


I packed my bags & ventured to Liverpool

All Alone

I didn't know anyone

All I knew was this was the home of the Beatles!

That was all I needed to know!

I was soooo excited!

Still am just thinking about it

It was right before "Beatles Week"

Which is HUGE...

I didn't realize how many people

From around the world

Gathered in Liverpool

For Beatles Week

I was scheduled to stay for one week

I LOVED Liverpool so much...

The people

The history

The vibe


I ended up extending my stay for another week

During my entire visit

I made it a point to stay next to Albert Dock

(shown in the photo)

The first week I stayed at

The "Premier Lodge"

And when I extended my stay

I stayed at a Hostel

Just down the road

I LOVED walking & along the dock

Every day I made it a point

To start my day off with breakfast & a coffee

At Albert Dock


How I miss you so!

I'll be back!

PeAce LOvE aRt & sOuL
Denise Vasquez

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