Tuesday, April 27, 2010

IT'S ALL ABOUT THE MEMBERS FEATURE: 501st Member Lesley Farquhar Talks to us about the MS Walk

I am proud to be an Honorary member of the 501st Legion family

They inspire me BEYOND...

I do whatever I can to support their events

Whether it's Donating art

Promoting their endeavors

Or featuring them

In my Blog Series


And on my WO+MEN 4 A CAUSE sites

The 501st Legion are out there

Making a difference

Around the world

Every way they can!
For this Feature

I caught up with 501st Member

Lesley Farquhar

After their recent walk for MS

She was kind enough to take a

moment to answer some questions & share some photos...
-How long have you been a member of the 501st?
I joined the 501st Legion in October of 2006. Haven't stopped trooping since.

-What inspired you to join?
I met several 501st members at ComicCon in 2005. I was impressed by the costumes and their reality. I then joined FanForce which led me to the Rebel Legion, and then finally to the 501st Legion!
-How did the 501st Legion get involved with the MS Walk at Legoland? San Diego Fan Force started walking in the MS Walk @ Legoland approximately in 2005 or 2006. There are a lot of Fan Force members who are cross members of both the Rebel Legion and 501st Legion. When an event like this needs help, members of the Star Wars Fan Community band together for all the right reasons...creating a greater presence, and a greater effect. It was a natural thing for the 501st to become involved.
-How many MS Walk events have you participated in?
I've done the walk four times. Every year it gets better!

-Is this the biggest 501st Legion event in California?
In terms of all the events we do, no. But our attendance is indeed growing at the MS Walk! ComicCon International is our biggest event each year.
-What goals do you hope to reach during this event?
We try to get at least 20 walkers, and $5000 raised for the charity.
Some years we do better than others. This year was actually very hard for fundraising. The economy is tight and people don't have money available for charities. And for these charities, every dollar counts!

-How can people help support this event?
The MS Society has walks all over the country.
Find a walk near you at their website and register to walk. They also have challenge events...like bike rides and more. You can also donate cash to the society as well!

-Is it open to the public?
Absolutely. They do want you to "register" for the local walk, however you can check in on walk day right on site.
-Any website links?
Our team site is here:

We are still able to take donations for our team all the way through the end of may! The National organizations' website is here:
-Anything else you would like to add?
These charities need our help. They provide so many services to people with MS, and this disease is very debilitating for those who suffer from it. Every dollar counts. Every step taken counts! The 501st will be there again next year, at walks all over the country. Hopefully more folks will come out and join us!
Lesley F.

Stay tuned for more "It's All About The Members" Features

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Together WE CAN make a difference!
~Denise Vasquez

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