Saturday, April 17, 2010

Europe was AMAZING!!! Turin Italy Part 1

All Photography by Denise Vasquez ©2010

I LOVE traveling!

I feel so blessed to have had yet another opportunity

To Travel to Europe!

Especially with the love of my life!

It was such an AMAZING experience!

It was a Dream come true!!!

While walking thru Valentino Park

One night with Randy

I stopped for a moment

To embrace the moment

I had an epiphany

And reflected on how Randy & I spoke and dreamed

Of sharing our love for Art & traveling

When we first started dating 4 1/2 years ago




Here we were

Living our dreams!!!

Meeting up with old friends

On the other side of the world

And making new friends along the way

Meeting new people is my favorite part

Of my journey!

I also LOVED visiting Turin Italy

A New place

My second time to Italy

My first time to Turin

What better way to learn About




Being there and experiencing it all was so Sureal!!!

I shot close to 1,000 photos

Those of you that know me already know that

Photography is yet another one of my many creative passions

And what better subject than traveling around Europe!

I'll be sharing some of my favorite photos & moments here in my blog

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"Life is short, Love is Life, Live it now, Be in the moment..."
~The Perfect One, Denise Vasquez

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