Monday, April 19, 2010

The BEST German Food in Dusseldorf "Bauernstube Deppe"

ALL photos: Denise Vasquez ©2010

During Jedi Con

Randy & I spent most of our time

At The Maritim Hotel

Getting to know our new friends & fans!

We knew we would have one day

On our way back from Italy

To explore Dusseldorf...

Our friend Markus Rau

Picked Randy & I up from the airport

This was the second time

On this trip

We were saved by our hero


We wanted to show him our appreciation

So we offered to take him to dinner...

We stopped by our hotel

The Maritim

Checked into our room

They ended up giving us this AMAZING suite

At no additional cost

Thank you Maritim!

Randy & I checked in

Took our luggage upstairs

While Markus looked into restaurants

The hotel made some suggestions

Markus also found some restaurants

In the area On his GPS

So Off we went...

We stopped at one place

Markus didn't like the looks of it

So we ventured onto the next place


We parked right out front...

It was soooo appealing

Had the look of someone's home

A garden out front

A welcoming trellis

The artistic decor of

Historic Germany

Treasures to the eye

All around

Everywhere I looked

We were sold!

The best way to describe the vibe

"Mama's place"

That's what Randy & I were hoping

To experience during our entire trip to Europe

Some good traditional home cooking!

We were sat at this big wooden table
With Big silver plates

Bright Green paper napkins

Beautiful candles...

We were surrounded by

Brightly colored walls

Antique furniture

Eclectic artwork...

We were handed these

Beautifully bound leather menus
Having worked in a variety of:


Over a span of 20 years...

Silver Service/French Service/Fine Dining



This restaurant was a WONDERFUL blend


Fine Dining meets Mama's kitchen

They did a really nice job

Putting it all together

LOVED it!!!

One thing complimented the next

The decor

The people

The presentation

The Food...


The combination of everything seemed to flow nicely

The specials were listed on a chalk board

In German...
Luckily we had our friend Markus with us
He did an Impeccable job

Translating the menu for us!

The owner, I'll call her "Mama"

Was running around

Greeting & checking on all of the guests

It appeared that our waitress was her daughter

And our waitress' son probably about 6 years old

Went table to table entertaining us all!

I have the deepest appreciation

For a classy run family business!!!

You can feel right from the start

This family takes pride in their restaurant!

I felt right at home!

First Course

We all tried different soups...

Randy Had the Goulash
Markus had the Cheese Soup
I LOVE Onion soup
So I had to try the German Onion Soup


The flavors!!!




Wasn't too heavy & it left me

Wanting MORE!!!

I couldn't wait for the

Main course

Randy ordered a second course
I didn't want to get too full

But I had to have a taste


I saw our hostess at one point

Outside in the garden

Perhaps she was Picking fresh herbs

For our main course...

Third course

My steak shown here...
Cooked to perfection!!!

We all tried different steaks

Randy LOVED his steak...
So did Markus!
I think Markus had a combo plate
Featuring 3 varieties of meat

It was such an AMAZING experience!

The presentation

For every dish

Was so creative

And the fact that everything

On our plates was edible

Made it all even more inviting


That was one of the BEST meals I ever had!!!

The GREAT German Beer only added to it!!!
Later we were told that the women who owns the place
Our hostess "Mama"

Lives upstairs!

So we truly did experience some

Genuine German Home cooking!!!

I am GRATEFUL To have had this experience!!!

Markus said we were lucky

In finding this place!

I totally agree!

If you're in Dusseldorf Germany

Be sure to try this place!

Trust me

You'll be glad you did!

Bauernstube Deppe
Langeoogstr. 14
40468 Dusseldorf

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