Saturday, March 20, 2010

Is the Hotel Situation for San Diego Comic Con Totally Out of control?!?

Photo: Denise Vasquez ©2008

"Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter"
~Martin Luther King Jr.

Hotel Reservations opened up

On the San Diego Comic con website

On March 18th 9 AM

I was at the Ortho clinic getting physical therapy

For my thumb & hand injury

I usually book my hotel myself

Via one of my membership Affiliations

At a discounted rate

So I wasn't really concerned

At that moment...

Later that evening

I took a break from drawing

Decided to go browsing around the internet

To see what the hotel Situation was like

I began seeing NUMEROUS complaints

Not only about the Hotel Reservation system

But about the Hotel Rates

Granted, A few people got lucky

And seemed to have delightful experiences

In booking the hotel of their choice

But the majority = NOT very happy

Complaints of how they were mishandled or mistreated...

I decided to look into ONE of the hotels I stayed at last year

The hotel I stayed at last year was no longer listed

On my Affiliations special rate list

So I went directly to the hotel website

The rates were now TRIPLE of what it was last year

Not to mention, it's not even that close to the convention center

My first thought ...


So I looked into other hotels

Listed on my membership site

I noticed most of the hotels were booked

AND the few rooms remaining seemed to

jack up the rates


Even more so than last year!

And the rates were supposedly discounted...

My second thought




I decided to investigate...

I called some hotels

I was told pretty much the same thing:

"The hotels raise the prices during San Diego Comic Con

because they know all of the hotels

Will sell out and we will book the rooms no matter what the price!"

I don't know how everyone else feels

About the Hotel situation

But personally, I feel like there's something really wrong with this picture!

On top of the jacked up prices...

Hotels are also charging anywhere between $12-$40 DAILY for parking

In addition to the $299-$699 a night you're already paying to stay there

What ever happened to parking being included?!?

Parking was included in the hotel where we used to stay...

Not any more!


Why do I feel like I'm being raped & taken advantage of?!?

The thing is, I KNOW I am not alone in feeling this way!

So why is it getting worse?!?

I'm sitting here contemplating

What are my options...


Lets see...

Spend over $2,000 on a hotel room

(Lets not forget about the 12.5% tax and parking)

I'm not joking...

I have a room RSVP


5 nights Estimated total $1950

And this is NOT even at one of the fancy hotels!!!

Or do I

Shack up with 6-10+ people just to TRY to cover the HOTEL costs

And wouldn't it make sense

If there was

An advance RSVP system where rooms were blocked off specifically for:

-Artists invited to "Artists Alley"


-Vendors paying for booths?

Or am I thinking too much outside the box here?

I don't understand why there aren't?!?

I suppose the activist in me

Is writing about this

As a voice for many...

Because I'm seeing not just a few complaints...

I'm seeing THOUSANDS of complaints!!!


Because in the end

This affects US ALL!

I heard 50% of the convention attendees are from Los Angeles

So I hope the rumors come to fruition & the convention moves to Los Angeles Convention Center!!!

There are Plenty of hostels, hotels, motels ALL over the city, not to mention The amazing Nokia Center that was built down by Staples filled with awesome restaurants, bars & more!!!

Come to LA!!!

PeAce LOvE aRt & sOuL
Denise Vasquez

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