Monday, March 8, 2010


Happy International Womens Day!

I hope all is well with you!

I've been keeping very busy

And I have exciting news to announce!

I've been invited to create 1 badge

To be used for the 501st Legion Droid Hunt

@Star Wars Celebration V

In Orlando Florida!!!

Woo Hoo!

My badge will be a part of

a matching set of 4 badges

This set is intended to be a collectors item

And people will want all four badges.

Each badge will have a different rarity.

One will have about 1000 prints

One about 750

1 will have about 500

And 1 will have only 250!

My badge will have Aurra Sing and a Clone Wars droid...

Other artists working on this include:
Grant Gould, Daniel Bergren & Noah Albrecht!

I'm Very Honored to be a part of this special project!!!

Other news:
I've been invited as a guest to Jedi Con In Germany & Star Wars Fest in Torino Italy In April, San Diego Comic Con Artist Alley, Star Wars Day in Rancho Cucamonga, Chicagoland Entertainment Expo and I'm confirming other dates tba...
I'm currently working on the following projects:

-Co-Author of "Sketch Card Mania" "How To" Book for F&W Media/IMPACT Books
-Creating a 3D Helmet for 501st Legion TK Helmet Project

-Illustrating sketch cards for the following sets: Topps Empire Strikes Back 30th Anniversary, Breygent Marketing Woodstock Poster Series, Sadlittles~Rantz Angels, Dreamers Of Darkness, Damsels & DinosaursComics 4 Cures, Treasure Chest Art Project

-Illustrating a 501st Legion Droid Hunt badge for Star Wars Celebration V

Feel free to follow my blog

Thank You for your continued Love & support!

PeAcE LovE aRt & sOuL

Denise Vasquez

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