Monday, January 25, 2010

Denise Vasquez performing LIVE at The NAMM Show 2010 with a BROKEN THUMB photos by Jim Steinfeldt

I'm sitting here drinking my first cup of coffee for today...

My right hand in a cast...

My right thumb broken...

Trying to ignore the PAIN...

Yes, my writing hand, my drawing hand, my guitar strumming hand...

My livelihood!

I'm managing to type this with my left hand...slowly, but surely...

Can you see me sitting at my desk...

My right arm in a green cast, hanging in a sling...

While my pointing & middle fingers on my left hand race to type before I forget

what I'm thinking...

I find myself smiling right now...

As I sit here focusing on the positive things in my life

My man Randy Martinez & my REAL good friends...

ALL showering me with with love & light

I am grateful for this moment in a very challenging time!

I just received some of my favorite photographs taken

by Legendary Music Photographer Jim Steinfeldt

During one my performances

at The NAMM Show 2010

Here are some of my favorites by Jim Steinfeldt ©2010

Looking at these photos, I am still amazed about the power of the mind...

I performed in 3 shows

Played my guitar

With a broken Thumb

My strumming Thumb

All the while smiling

In those moments

I did not feel any pain

I was sooo determined to perform

I meditated

I was focused

I was happy

I was where I wanted to be

I did it!

I like what my friend author Janice Erlbaum
called me:

"Zen mistress of art!"

PeAcE LoVe ArT & SoUl
Denise Vasquez

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