Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Denise Vasquez Latest News...

Hi Everyone

Hope you're having a wonderful week so far!

I'm finally coming down from the most incredible natural high...

...yes, I'm high on life!

The last two weeks have been VERY challenging & incredible at the same time!

I injured my right hand...yes, my guitar strumming hand, my drawing hand...what did I do?!?

Arrrggghhhhhh....Ouch & Yikes!

I managed to dislocate my thumb & fracture my hand...

I had a product demo & another performance scheduled for Daisy Rock Guitars at The NAMM Show & there was NO WAY I was going to miss it!

I've been looking forward to this opportunity for some time now!

Not to mention I had to finish one of my many deadlines~ illustrating 208 sketch cards, yes by hand, for Topps Star Wars Galaxy V...I was determined to finish those!

So for those that know me, a couple of my many mottos are

"Where there's a will, there's a way"...

"No Pain, no gain"...

I iced my hand non-stop to keep the swelling down & kept my hand wrapped during rehearsals & while drawing, up until now!

Well, I DID IT!

I had an AMAZING week filled with many accomplishments and incredible moments!!!

I finished illustrating all 208 sketch cards by the deadline...It hurt so good...


Not only did I do my two scheduled performances at NAMM, Daisy Rock Guitars ended up booking me a third last minute performance at The Hilton in the Avalon Ballroom!


My man Randy Martinez accompanied me on all of the performances & he did a BEAUTIFUL job playing the "Rock Candy" Daisy Rock Electric Guitar. I performed with my "Butterfly Bubinga" Daisy Rock Jumbo Acoustic/Electric Guitar...

To see Randy & I performing my song "DON'T GET ME WRONG" at The NAMM Show click here

Thank you Daisy Rock Guitars for all of the opportunities! And CONGRATULATIONS Daisy Rock Guitars & Alfred Publishing for winning "Best In Show" at NAMM!!!

I've been a Daisy Rock Artist for years now & proud of it!

WO+MEN 4 A CAUSE was recently FEATURED in Music Connection Magazine~Thank you MC! We just hit the 10 year mark! Time really does fly! I decided to change the name of my ART & SOUL blog to WO+MEN 4 A CAUSE and you can follow or subscribe to my blog here

My official website has been updated with NEW photos, videos, artwork & more

Randy & I are still working away on our book "Sketch Card Mania" for Impact's coming along BEAUTIFULLY!!!

I'm soooo Looking forward to being able to share more details with everyone, but we're holding out until the book is completed & we get the OK...Trust me, for good reason, it's better this way...I'm amazed at how many people are haters, vindictive, or go out of their way to TRY to copy, steal, or "one up" someone elses' GREAT idea because they didn't think of it!

It's one thing to be inspired by someone, it's another thing to do what I've been seeing happening!!!

The behavior of some people, ever since the book was announced, is really kind of sad! I've already had one person stalking me & ALL of my sites, and for some time now, copy & pasting my posts, trying to claim my ideas & writing as their own...when the book was announced, it got worse! When I confronted the person...Nothing, no apology, no response, nothing...I was hoping to see that person face to face, but nope...they're hiding...That person will someday have to face the lies they're living! Too many copycats, like that one, TRYING to assume they know what the book is really about...Why waste your energy trying to be someone else...Do what you do because you LOVE it, you LIVE it & it's YOUR passion, YOUR dream! Be yourself!!! Imagine if those people believed in themselves, had a sense of self, focused on themselves & their own ideas...imagine what they could accomplish! But I'd like to take a moment to say THANK YOU to those people, because they've inspired my newest song


LOL! Stay tuned for more on that....

Where was I...

Ah yes, I was talking about current projects! Now that I'm a little caught up...

I'm currently OPEN for art commissions again

If you're interested in pricing & details, send me a message...

I've got a LOT of amazing projects for some great causes in the sure to follow my sites listed below to stay up to date!

Together WE CAN make a difference!

PeAcE, LoVe, ArT & sOuL
Denise Vasquez
Artist & Founder of WO+MEN 4 A CAUSE

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