Sunday, January 24, 2010

Cosmic Connection~Star War Producer Gary Kurtz, Rock & Roll Legendary Photographer Jim Steinfeldt & ME!!!

Photo: Denise Vasquez ©2010

We are all connected...

What do Star Wars producer Gary Kurtz, Rolling Stone Magazine, Miles Davis, Madonna, Prince, Michael Jackson & I have in common...

Legendary Rock N Roll photographer

Photo: Denise Vasquez ©2010

I've known Jim for years & I'm a HUGE fan of his work!!!

Jim's work has been published in "Rolling Stone Magazine" & "Spin" Magazine and

lots more...

Over the last 25 years, he's photographed MANY of my favorites:

Miles Davis, Michael Jackson, Madonna, Tina Turner, David Bowie, The Go Go's, Cyhndi Lauper, Eric Clapton, Bob Dylan, Prince, Tom Pettey, ZZ Top, The Who, James Brown, Elton John, Paul McCartney, REM, Kurt Cobain, Courtney Love, Dolly Parton...


Jim was my guest at The NAMM Show 2010 & he took some AMAZING

PHOTOGRAPHS of my man Randy Martinez & I before, during & after one of our


Randy & I ventured up to Jims place today to check out the photos...

Nestled away in the beautiful hills of Laurel Canyon
Photo: Denise Vasquez ©2010

We ventured down this terrifying road...

The road actually reminded me of the roads I used to drive down on St John, in the

US Virgin Islands...

Very narrow road

Mud on our right sliding down the hill onto the road causing us to skid a bit

On our left, only a wooden fence between us & a BIG drop...

I closed my eyes until we arrived...

Randy just laughed...a nervous laugh mind you!

We received the warmest welcome from our friend Jim...

He offered us something to drink, we all said cheers, clinking our glasses filled with orange



Jim gave us the grand tour...

The first thing that caught my eye was His jukebox
Photo: Denise Vasquez ©2010

1939 and it still works!

Jim put a nickel in & the jukebox played a song for us!!!

Randy noticed his magnificent collection of books...

We ventured outside, soaking up the beautiful weather & the magnificent views overlooking

Los Angeles from every angle!


In all of my 10 years I've lived in Los Angeles, this was by far the best views I've seen!!!

I felt as though I could reach out and touch the mountain tops covered with snow...


Jim then led us into his studio area where he works & does his photo shoots...

He had a variety of backdrops & colors...

Yes he rents it out for shoots, videos & films...

He then went on to share a little history about the studio...

Star Wars Producer Gary Kurtz

built that studio
Photo: Denise Vasquez ©2010

Gary Kurtz used to own the property!

This was a pretty awesome

Considering Randy & I BOTH are

Lucasfilm Licensed Star Wars Artists!!!



The studio featured some of Jim's amazing photography...

Many iconic moments he captured...

Madonna on The Like A Virgin Tour, Tina Turner on her comeback tour & more!

We went back into the main house & Jim set up his computer on slideshow mode

Displaying the photos he shot of Randy & I during one of our performances

at The NAMM Show 2010

ZZ Top's "Rough Boy" played along as the images presented themselves...

Cool montage!!!!

These amazing moments...

One by one


I was reliving the moments from a different perspective...


Loved it all over again!

Sooooo many INCREDIBLE photos!!!!

Sooooo many to choose from!!!

I think we narrowed it down to 21 photos...

That's good for now!

I'll be sharing them shortly!

Once I decided on the photos, Randy & Jim had a nice jam going...

I wish I could've played too! Hard to do with my right arm in a cast!!!
Photo: Denise Vasquez ©2010

While they jammed, I checked out Jim's latest

AMAZING project!!!



Then I started going through Jim's images of the AMAZING people he's photographed over the

A span of 25 years...

We shared stories of legends we've met or come to know...

Cosmic Connections indeed!

Thank you Jim for photographing me, for including me amongst the greats in your portfolio


For sharing a magnificent day with us!

Looking forward to doing it again!

Stay tuned for an Interview with Jim coming soon!

In the meantime...

To find out more about Jim & to view his portfolio, please refer to his website:

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