Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Illustration by Denise Vasquez

Two years ago, I once again found myself battling with some serious health issues...

I won!

I'm still here!

Every moment of every day is truly a gift to me!

One day while I was sick, my man Randy Martinez & I were walking down Hollywood Blvd...
Each step I took was a reminder...

As we walked I felt calm & at peace...

The world seemed to move so fast all around me...

It was around the Holidays...

Christmas lights lit up Hollywood Blvd, Frosty & Santa were painted on store windows, and people seemed to be shopping in a frenzy...
I embraced everything I was feeling & took in what was happening all around me...

When we got home, I sat down & wrote a song called

I recorded a live rough version when I was sick....

Here I am two years later, finally getting around to re-recording it!

Jimmy Mac from The ForceCast asked me if I had a Holiday song he could play on the show

I told him, "you know what, I do have a Holiday song, I just need to record it"

Something inside me said, DO IT
I didn't have much time...

So many deadlines, so little time...

I mean that in a great way...

But I didn't let that stop me!

I decided to take on the challenge

I told Jimmy Mac that I would record the song and asked what my deadline was

He said Monday, NO PRESSURE

I was already juggling deadlines, now adding recording a song to my list when I ended up booking work on "HEROES"

What an AMAZING experience it was working on my favorite TV show!!!

I booked one night & then was invited to come back & work again the following night!

The cast & crew are AMAZING & I got to work one night with our friend Ray Park who plays Edgar on the show!
We worked nights into the mornings which completely threw me off my schedule as I was not used to working these hours...

As I was now accustomed to vampire hours, I used these quiet hours to my advantage...

I stayed up all night Sunday night into Monday morning recording my song

I already had a tempo in mind as I've played the song on my guitar acoustically over the years practicing with a metronome

I used "GARAGEBAND" on my mac to record my song
A couple of years ago I purchased the "GARAGEBAND" Jam Pack Rhythm Section software, and with that, I found a GREAT drum track that was the perfect fit for my song

Once I had the drum track, I layed down my Acoustic Guitar tracks...

I tried out a couple of my DAISY ROCK GUITARS to determine what type of sound & feel would work best for my song

I recorded the first guitar scratch track with my
DAISY ROCK Retro-H Guitar

After a couple of takes, I picked up my
DAISY ROCK Jumbo Butterfly Bubinga Acoustic/Electric Guitar
As soon as the first run was recorded, I knew my Butterfly Bubinga would be the guitar I would use to record the song with!

My Daisy Rock Butterfly Bubinga guitar gave me such a BEAUTIFUL sound & feel that flowed perfectly with my song!

I did 3 takes and moved onto my lead vocals


Om5, OM6 & VX10-LO

I decided to try out my AUDIX VX10-Lo

Sounded pretty sweet, so I went with it!

Once I had a few vocal tracks recorded, I went back & improvised laying down some soft vocal harmonies

I was thinking about adding some keyboard, and mentioned it to my man Randy, when he said he'd totally be into laying down some bass


He wasn't familiar with the song...
He listened a few times playing along...

I told him, like the name of my band "LESS IS MORE"

He just went for it
Now that I had all the tracks I needed, I faced yet another challenge...


The mix can make or break a song!

I didn't think about it...

I put on my headphones & pushed myself to JUST DO IT!

The first mix was finished at like 4:30 AM

I sent it to Jimmy Mac, uploaded it to myspace & my Digital Store on NIMBIT, and went to sleep

When I woke up, I listened to it on my speakers in stereo and decided to change the mix a little

Sounded different on the speakers then it did on headphones!

I changed the mix

Very pleased with what I accomplished in under 24 hours!

I sent Jimmy the new mix, uploaded it to my player on myspace
& decided to make it ONLY AVAILABLE on my

Here are my lyrics:

HOLIDAY SPIRIT by Denise Vasquez ©2007

People are buying gifts all around me
Christmas lights up the Blvd
Santa and Frosty painted on store windows
Mailboxes filled with season greeting cards

Can you feel it
I can feel it
People giving
People give what they've got
What they've got
What I've got

The spirit of giving is all around me
Mom's wrapping up some new toys for tots
We're gathering gifts for our troops now
People spare change for Salvation Army pots

Can you feel it
Decembers air
Can you feel it
Christmas is here

Can you feel it
I can feel it
The HOLIDAY SPIRIT'S got a hold of me now
People giving
People give what they got
What they got
What I got
Can you feel it
I can feel it
The HOLIDAY SPIRIT'S got a hold of me now
People giving
People give what they got
What they got
What I've got

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  1. Absolutely brilliant and beautiful!

    Merry Xmas!

    Jimmy Mac