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The 501st Legion members are the most inspiring, good hearted, fun loving, creative people I've come to meet!!! I was inducted to the 501st Legion as an Honorary Member during San Diego Comic Con 2009 and I am truly honored to be a part of such an AMAZING family!!! To ALL of the 501st members, THANK YOU FOR BEING YOU & EVERYTHING YOU DO!

I've had the pleasure of meeting & hanging out with some of the coolest 501st members around the globe (Star Wars Celebration Japan, Star Wars Celebration Europe, Star Wars Fan Days II & III, Dragon Con 2009, Star Wars Celebration IV in Los Angeles, Clone Wars Premiere In Hollywood, San Diego Comic Con, San Fransisco Wonder Con, Frank & Sons, Star Wars Day in Riverside & Rancho Cucamonga...) I've personally witnessed how dedicated ALL of the 501st members are to the Legion & I've had the pleasure of hanging out with 501st Founder Albin Johnson in Japan during Star Wars Celebration Japan! You can read my interview with him in the bog Archives June 2009... I created this on-going series because I am curious to learn about every member of the 501st & thought you might be interested in hearing their stories as well!

For this FEATURE, I interviewed Honorary Member Tom Kane who you all know as the voice of "Yoda" in the Star Wars Clone Wars series...

When did you first learn about the 501st?

At Celebration IV

Did you know you were going to be inducted into the 501st?

I had been warned, yes!

How were you inducted? Where?

I was inducted in Kansas City, at a dinner for me and Peter & Angie Mayhew.

Which Garrison Inducted you?

70th Explorers Garrison, KC

When were you inducted? How long have you been an Honorary member?
About one year.
As an Honorary Member, do you participate in any 501st events?
I haven't yet, but intend to.

What’s your fondest 501st memory?

The dinner in Philly.

What’s your favorite thing about being an Honorary 501st member?
The many, many stories that show what an amazing group of human beings they are.

Do you wear your badge at every convention you attend?
YES! (Except for one where it was in a different suitcase.)

Do you plan on getting suited up?

I have some fantasies about it, yes.

Any upcoming events?

Not til the spring.

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