Monday, November 23, 2009


Illustration by Denise Vasquez ©2009

I am a Daisy Rock Guitars Artist & Proud of it!

Denise performing during Cancerpalooza 2009 @Molly Malones
with her Daisy Rock Jumbo Acoustic/Electric Butterfly Bubinga

The other night I was invited to the launch of "Guitar Goddess Magazine" at the Gibson Showroom in Beverly Hills. During the party, I was invited to come up on stage and say a few words about Tish Ciravolo, Founder & President of Daisy Rock Guitars. Tish was being honored with THE GUITAR GODDESS TRAILBLAZER AWARD! I did not have a speech written nor prepared...I totally spoke from my heart & soul! During my speech I mentioned what led me to become a Daisy Rock Guitar Artist...Years ago, I was looking for a guitar company to endorse...I was looking to endorse a product and a company that I BELIEVE in...

Some artists just look to get FREE products...I must admit, that's always nice when it happens...but what I look for are the following: People/companies that I really connect with, and can establish and build good, long term working relationships with & people who will BELIEVE IN ME as much as I will them!

I submitted my press kit to a number of guitar companies, had some meetings, had a few guitar companies in mind that I was considering...BUT I still felt the need to shop around until I found the right fit for me!

I started hearing more & more about a guitar company that made guitars for women, and I started seeing more cool looking ads for guitars made by this company...

"Daisy Rock Guitars"

I worked at Day Jams Rock Camp one summer as an Art Instructor...Tish Ciravolo Founder of Daisy Rock Guitars came to the camp & donated guitars to the children! I can not even begin to describe the look on each childs' face as they were handed their new guitar...all I knew is that this was the Guitar Company I had been looking for...Daisy Rock Guitars was the company for me! I put together my press kit...I worked really hard on putting it together~Keeping with the industry standard, but adding a little "Touch of me"!

I must say my press kit looked pretty rocking!

I submitted it to Daisy Rock Guitars for a contest they were having to win a guitar...I didn't win that particular contest, BUT I did receive an invitation to become a DAISY ROCK ARTIST!

I guess you can say I did win!

Part of my Artist deal with Daisy Rock entitled me to pick one of their guitars, ANY one I wanted!!! This was totally unexpected...Not many, if any companies will just allow you to come in & pick any guitar...for FREE...I was BEYOND EXCITED!!!

What did I look for in a guitar? We are all unique individuals...with that being said, I highly recommend you try a variety of guitars & find out what feels, sounds, looks & works best for...


What was I looking for? I wanted a guitar that has a warm, yet vibrant sound, with an easy feel, a small neck, not too heavy in weight, with a built in tuner & equalizer...I also wanted my guitar to have a look that represented me as an artist & my music...pretty challenging to say the least finding a guitar with all the qualities that A "picky" artist like me wants! I tried out a few guitars before finally finding the right guitar for me! Well I actually have 2 Daisy Rock Guitars so far that have been perfect for me....

I LOVE My BUTTERFLY BUBINGA Jumbo Acoustic/Electric Daisy Rock guitar!!!
It is AMAZING!!! It's My favorite guitar that I own so far! It not only sounds beautiful, it looks & feels beautiful, which inspires me BEYOND!

Denise performing @Zoeys Cafe with her Butterfly Bubinga

It has a built in Custom Chrome tuner which comes in handy while performing, & amazing pickups: Fishman Piezo System!

I also own a "Ruby Sparkle Stardust Retro-H De-Luxe" Electric Daisy Rock Guitar

Denise performing with her Retro-H during Daisy Rock Guitars "Pretty N Punk" @The Key Club

That has a different sound than my Acoustic/Electric Butterfly Bubinga Guitar...which I totally digg having two different sounding & feeling Daisy Rock Guitars! The Retro-H has an AWESOME Bigsby B-50 Vibrato with adjustable Roller Saddle Bridge that & I LOVE using with my boss pedals...I get some pretty cool, psychedelic sounds!

Daisy Rock Guitars has not only provided me with my dream guitars, but they provide me with constant opportunities & exposure as one of their Artists! Daisy Rock Guitars has donated guitars to schools, camps, charities, fundraising events, artists...and they have opened up doors allowing female musicians of all ages opportunities we once only dreamed of! Daisy Rock Guitars has created a much needed community for us female motto for my WO+MEN 4 A CAUSE Community that I started back in 1999 has always been TOGETHER WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE...

Daisy Rock Guitars has shown me that we truly can!

Quality Guitars + Quality people= Daisy Rock Guitars!

To learn more about Daisy Rock Guitars visit their website

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  1. That was one of the nicest and straight forward things I have ever read about why you love our company.... Denise, you are awesome!!!! I bow down to your awesomeness!!!! love ya, tish :)