Thursday, October 22, 2009

"Sonic" the All American drive-in by Denise Vasquez

Oh my goodness...I just ate at America's drive-thru "SONIC" for the first time!!!

First, I'd like to know why don't we have this in Lis Angeles?!?

Randy's been telling me about "Sonic" for years!

We were driving thru "Las Cruces" when Randy saw the sign from a distance...he was soooo excited, he kept saying "oh my god, oh my god, this is the place & I finally get to share it with you"...

The entire experience has been soooo much fun! Where else can you pull into a drive-in where your server skates up to you in rollerblades with a BIG smile on her face! I have to admit, I just ate the BEST grilled cheese EVER & drank the BEST Rootbeer float! I suppose that's why their slogan is "your ultimate drink spot"!

How do we get one of these to open up in Hollywood, CA?!?


  1. I just recently tried Sonic in Mission Viejo. Gotta love those skating servers!

  2. There's no Sonic in our area either. Looks like you enjoyed your dinner.