Thursday, October 22, 2009

Tombstone by Denise Vasquez

Randy & I had a LOT of fun in Thombstone regardless of the somber energy in the air...

Apparently an ederly couple was killed the other night while crossing the road...stories have been circulating around Thombstone as to what occured...apparently the couple have been coming to Thombstone for many years from the UK to dress up & attend some festival that occurs every year. It's said that 8 years ago the couple was upset & complained because they didnt do the gun fights in the streets anymore...thombstone brought back the gunfights & the couple came back to Thombstone to enjoy the they were crossing the street the other day, they were hit by a car & killed...another story to add to Thombstones history...

Randy & I heard about the incident throughout the day, so we asked a local about it while we were having lunch at The OK Cafe...I had a delicious turkey croissant sandwich & had potato salad with pickles in it for the first time! I wanted to try the cheese soup, but we have a long drive ahead if us!

It was fun exploring & learning about the history of Thombstone! Fun for us tourists, but I wouldn't of wanted to live here in the 1800's!

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  1. Sounds fascinating--will need to stop by there someday. I like your spelling tombstone with an 'h' in there ;)