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Frank Kozik is one of my favorite artists of all time!

I had the pleasure of meeting Kozik during San Diego Comic Con. I was on my way to set up my table in "Artists Alley". I made a stop by my friends over at the DKE Toys booth to say hello, and there was Frank Kozik setting up. I didn't realize it was him! It was quite early in the morning, I wasn't quite awake yet, and he had his back to me...I walk over to the booth when I noticed all of the Frank Kozik Merchandise. I was like a kid in a candy store! "oooOOOOO I LOVE Frank Kozik" I said...he turns, and with a BIG smiles he says ...

"I am Frank Kozik"

There he was, the man himself! I asked if he had new items for sale. We chatted briefly & he showed me all of the cool new merch he had available at the table. I asked if I could take a photo with him & wha-la! It will be a moment I will always cherish!

So last night I was invited by "BILLY SHIRE FINE ARTS" to Frank Kozik "Hubris" Opening Reception! The show debuted new exclusive toy designs, and featured Frank Kozik's current passion for the world of sculpting & designing! I was fascinated! So inspiring to say the least! Frank Kozik has been a fundamental part of the art scene for quite some time!

"Kozik has been credited with single-handedly reviving the lost art of the concert poster"

Frank Kozik's career grew largely in part because of his passion & enthusiasm for Austin's Underground Rock scene in the 80's. Kozik would create flyers for his friends bands & post them on telephone polls. As a result his reputation grew as an artist...
I can totally see his influence on another one of my favorite artists, Shepard Fairey...

Kozik has created hundreds of posters for popular artists NIRVANA, PEARL JAM, THE RED HOT CHILLI PEPPERS & THE BEASTIE BOYS...

Over the years Kozik headed "Man's Ruin" record label & has been featured as the topic of many articles written for many prestigious magazines such as "Rolling Stone", "Spin", "Details" & he's also done work for MTV, Nike & more!

To learn more about Kozik and to purchase his art, be sure to visit his interactive website

Here's more of my favorites from the "HUBRIS" show...

The Exhibition Continues
October 10th-November 7th, 2009
Contact "Billy Shire Fine Arts" for more information

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