Thursday, October 8, 2009

Clone Wars, Star Wars Fan Days, Acting, Commissions, Road Trip by Denise Vasquez

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Hi everyone,

I hope all is well with you all!

I've been having lots of fun lately doing some extra work on some GREAT shows...Medium, Grey's Anatomy, The Office, and United States of Tara... For those of you that didn't know, I did a lot of acting in New York City & have been a performer most of my life, since I was 6 years old actually...studied at The Lee Strasberg Theater Institute in NYC & The Puerto Rican Traveling Theater...have done lots of theater, improv, tv (I'm a member of AFTRA), films, industrials, commercials, music videos, name it! It's been a long time, but It's good to be home! I LOVE being on set & I am grateful to be able to get back into it with a new perspective & appreciation!

My boyfriend Randy Martinez & I have been working on a book together for Impact Books & Things have been moving right along... (^.^)

I just finished illustrating 208 sketch cards for Topps Clone Wars Widevision set which was quite an accomplishment for me as this was the most sketch cards I've illustrated (By choice) on a set to date! I will be receiving 8 RETURN sketch cards (be sure to view my website to see them & I will be posting a blog about them shortly). As soon as I receive them back from Topps, I will be taking bids for them so stay tuned...

Star Wars Fan Days III is this month!

I'm really excited about returning to Texas & REALLY excited about driving...


I love being on the road, with the love of my life, exploring new places where I've never been...

I attended Fan Days last year assisting my man Randy Martinez at his table...

This year I will have my own table right beside Randy, truly a dream come true!

OK, so Here's what's going down at my table during Fan Days:

~Star Wars Fan Days SKETCH CARDS:
We will be receiving sketch cards that I will be illustrating simple sketches on. I'm participating in the VIP Sketch Card Program. I will be giving away 25 Star Wars Fan Days III VIP Sketch Card each day. Each VIP card set (given out free to VIP ticket holders) will contain 5 blank sketch cards that you can trade with the artists.

*I will also be available to ‘upgrade’ your card to include a more detailed sketch, ink or color. I will be happy to do so for an additional cost...

~COMMISSIONS: I have been working on some pre-order commissions for some of you to pick up at my table during Star Wars Fan Days. Thank you all for keeping me so BEYOND busy! I mean that in a really good way, I sooo appreciate your continued love & support! I'm really excited about the orders I've received & I am available to do more!

My commissions include: 3D vinyl custom art, 2.5"x3.5" sketch cards, and 9"x12" on Bristol Vellum pencil or color...

*contact me for details ASAP if you'd like to pre-order a commission. I will also be doing a VERY LIMITED number of commissions at the show...
~Merchandise for sale at my table:
-Official Sketch cards
-Personal Sketch cards
-My sketchbook (full color, 24 pages featuring my art & lyrics)
-My cds (LIMITED)
-Pepper The Dragon Limited Edition Prints
-Pepper The Dragon Postcards
-3D Original Custom vinyl art

Randy will be sitting at the table beside me with lots of AMAZING Star Wars prints, books, sketch cards and more for sale, so be sure to visit both our tables.

See you at Fan Days, May the Force Be with you!

PeAce lOve aRt & sOuL Denise Vasquez

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