Friday, July 10, 2009


You probably recognize the name...


Yes, Nathan Hamill is related to Mark Hamill...


Luke is his father!

Nathan is an INCREDIBLE artist in his own right!!!!

I'm a huge fan of his work and of his being...

Nathan is a musician, illustrator & now he is about to release a vinyl figure based on a character that he designed called "BORIS" @"Meltdown" in Los Angeles on July 17th, 2009...

Right in my neighborhood...

Oh Yeah, you know I'll be there!!!

I asked Nathan if he would be up to doing an interview with me...he's been BEYOND crazy busy, but he managed to find the time...

-Nathan, when did you know you wanted to be an artist?

Ever since I was a little kid, I’ve been drawn towards it. No pun intended. I promise. Drawing’s been something I’ve always loved. So I guess always is my answer.

-Do you believe that we are naturally born as an artist, being an artist is hereditary, one becomes inspired & influenced by their surroundings?

I’d say it’s primarily an innate skill. Surroundings affect how it’s developed. Or whether it’s developed.

-What have you discovered about yourself as an artist?

The things that have inspired me most have been my naivete, boredom and guilt. But not in that order. Is it too late to add cats?

-Did having a dad who's an artist influence you?

My dad’s not too shabby an artist himself. He once sketched and painted Porky Pig in my room when I was a baby and I can remember painting model kits with him. We still haven’t finished that Freddy Krueger Horizon one. I’m sure the fact that he’s a toy and comic collector and made cartoon watching mandatory from an early age shaped my interests too.

-When did you begin creating art?

As far back as I can remember. The first time I remember feeling really rewarded for creating art was in third grade when my ‘bunny still life’ was chosen to be printed on my elementary school’s stationary. You can see it here:

And I still have my Mr. Men and Real Ghostbusters drawings somewhere.

-When was your FIRST gig as a professional artist?

I’m still waiting for the check to clear…

-You told me you have your music on hold right now. Is it challenging trying to balance your art & music? What are you focusing on more lately? Do you have a band? What's the name? Do you perform live? What's your favorite place where you've played to date?

Lately, I’ve been focusing on artwork. The band I’d been playing with is called Chandeliero. It’s a three piece that played together for about two years. The drummer and I have played as a two piece for over a decade though. We’ve made lot of recordings but no record. I haven’t played live since high school. My favorite show would probably be with BackChat at the Natural Fudge Company in 1995. We opened for Naked Aggression and their fans hated us because we weren’t punk enough. That was my favorite.

-You're producing your first vinyl figure based on an illustration of a raccoon you did! CONGRATULATIONS! This is a GREAT accomplishment! Can you tell us about "Boris"? When is "Boris" being launched? Is "Boris" limited Edition? Will Boris be sold as an exclusive? How many will be available? Where can someone buy one?

Boris is based on a drawing I did in 2005. I was designing a raccoon for an animated show I was planning to produce with a couple of friends. That’s why his mask looks the ways it does. When animated, I didn’t want the eyes to blend into the mask when they moved from side to side. I continued sketching and refining the design until last year when I completed ‘Boris.’

Boris will launch on July 17th with an event at Meltdown Comics in Hollywood. We’ve got 15 artists contributing their custom versions of Boris, which will be on sale alongside the figure. I’m ecstatic. Having some of my favorite artists working on this is amazing. I’ve seen a few finished pieces so far and I love them.

1,000 Boris have been produced by U1 Toy Arts. He will be available through their website,, and distributed by

-Is it open to the public? Does it cost anything to get in? Will Boris be available at this event? What other events do you have coming up`Conventions, signings, shows...

It’s open to the public and free to get in. Yes, the figure will be available for $18.

The figure will also be at San Diego Comic Con 2009. You can pick him up at Tired Girl Collective, which is in the Small Press Pavilion. It’s at Table M 07 between Aisles 1600-1700.

-Do you do charity work?

I just finished my first piece for charity. It’s going to the Make-A-Wish Foundation. I don’t think I’m allowed to say what the project is yet but it will be at Comic Con too.

-Do you have a website? Facebook? Myspace?

Yes, is the best place see my artwork.

I’m on both myspace and facebook. and I’m one of the Nathan Hamills on facebook. I’ll most likely be the one with a profile picture that features a raccoon.

-Anything else you'd like to share?

Thanks for taking an interest in my work, Denise. I’ll see you at Meltdown

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