Friday, June 19, 2009

iPhone 3G S, MAC, Stevie Wonder, Channel 4, G4 & I by Denise Vasquez

Randy & I went to the MAC store at the crack of dawn this morning to trade in our phones because we purchased them before knowing the new ones, with more applications came out today! Since we were within our 30 days to bring them back, we were able to trade them in for the new iphone 3G S that came out today! 

We were greeted warmly by the sun as we exited our Los Feliz apt...that was my first indication that this was going to be a BEAUTIFUL day in every way! 

It was about 8 am when we left our place & headed to "The Grove" in Los Angeles. Ahhhhh "The Grove"...always good times had with every venture to "The Grove"! Something magical about that place...the Farmers Market, the Fountain, the trolly, the fact that it's an outdoors shopping center always makes me feel like I'm at Disneyland! I guess you can say "The Grove" is a Happy Place for me! 

We Arrived there at about 8:15am...I knew there was going to be a line, but It actually wasn't as bad as I had anticipated! The Mac Store employees were at their posts & ready! They greeted us with big smiles as we approached the store & they appeared to be really calm. Perhaps it was because they were sooo organized, they were ready! They had two lines going~ one line was for people like Randy & I who RSVP ahead of time online or in the store, and the other line was for people who just showed up without RSVP. We were told to walk down to "Banana Republic" and make a left...that was where the RSVP line was. When we reached our line, we were greeted by another employee with BIG smiles (I'm amazed because some of these employees were there since 6am, possibly sooner). This friendly Mac Employee asked if we would like some coffee...

MAGIC WORD for me in the morning "C-O-F-F-E-E!!!"

As he turned and gestured at the magical cart that carried "Coffee Bean" coffee, I could hear the music and I felt like I was floating on air as I approached the cart! I LOVE coffee, can you tell! (*o*) You KNOW I was a happy camper! I was I had no concern of how long we were going to be waiting on line...

OH it gets better!!! So we're waiting on line & you know how chitter chatter tends to happen naturally when a group of people are forced to stand around together for a while. The guy in front of us had the CUTEST puppy named "Cooper" that he rescued from the pound...You know I had to pet him...the dog silly! TOO CUTE!!! "Cooper" was a light beige color, with white paws...he looked like he was wearing white socks...his fur was soooooo soft...softer than cotton...I never did find out the gentleman's name...I was too engrossed with his puppy! There was one guy behind us online who was kind of annoying...he was talking obnoxiously loud about himself...he had the worst case of "ME-ITIS" I've ever heard! I felt like telling him to shut up, but I just chose to ignore him...

The line moved rather quickly & before I knew it, we were standing in front of the Mac Store. The employees talked to people online making sure that everyone was OK...they came around with water, coffee, danishes, and they even offered umbrellas for protection against the sun...They were extremely accommodating! They were happy to answer questions we had while waiting on line. Channel 4 News showed up & asked if they could interview me...Don't ask me what the questions was too early, I had no makeup on, was not entirely awake yet, and to be honest, I was having fun with my carefree attitude! Shortly after that interview, "G4" shows up & I recognized the interviewer from "Star Wars Celebration Japan" I approached him he was like "Hey You..." and he recognized me straight away! He asked if Randy & I wouldn't mind being interviewed...twist my arm...Ok, I'll do it! Hee hee (^.^) 

So we get inside & they're hooking us up with our phones, when suddenly, all the coffee & water that I drank begins to flow thru me like "Niagra Falls". I asked the Mac Store employee who was helping us if they had a restroom I could use while I was waiting for my phone to be activated, so he said sure and pointed me in the right direction. So I head in the back to the restroom, and as both restrooms were occupied, I waited just outside the door to the "Womens Room". The door to the "Mens Room" was right next to the door I was waiting to go thru. The "Mens Room" Door opens & who comes out, STEVIE WONDER with his assistant! His assistant said hi to me, and of course I was elated as I said hi back. Stevie paused, smiled and said hi to me too, and then he started singing one of his songs! OMG, I was just serenaded by Stevie Wonder!!! 

Honestly, Could it get any better?!? 

So I walk back to where Randy was waiting for our phones to get activated & I told him what had just happened. He thought it was really cool! My cheeks hurt from smiling! Stevie Wonder was standing right behind us, waiting as I thought "Wait a minute...why don't I try out my new iphone 3G S camera/video application! So I walk over and say "Would you mind if we tried out my new iphone camera app?" Stevie said "Hey I recognize that voice" and I said "I heard you singing in the bathroom"...we both laughed and he started singing to me again & I joined in and sang softly in his ear...he just smiled a million smiles and his friend shot the short video/photo on my iphone! I thanked Stevie for the photo opt & also thanked him for inspiring me all these years with his music, heart & soul! 

Well I have to give a shout out to MAC! 

Thank you Mac for yet another magical experience...I'll always cherish today! Good times!

PeAce LOvE aRt & sOuL

Denise Vasquez

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  1. Beyond awesome Denise! ANd damn I wish I had known I could have taken my Iphone and exchanged it. Mine was also below the 30 days. Arrrhhhh!