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In my last interview with Steve Frank, we all discovered that the man behind the "BE A SUPER HERO FOR BABIES" campaign for the MARCH OF DIMES, is himself the epitome of what I consider a super hero! 

He has raised over $20,000 so far this year and he has accomplished something that has NEVER been done before...

That being said, I felt it was a MUST to bring Steve back for another interview to share his latest accomplishments...

***Steve gave me approval to share a few of the sketch cards that I illustrated for the "ARCHIE COMICS" set...

(Above, From top to bottom)...
1-The first sketch card~ Veronica in a cat suit- My partner Randy Martinez & I collaborated on some sketch cards, this is one of the 8 we illustrated together! This is also one of my RETURNS! (I get back a total of 8 sketch cards)
2-The second sketch card~ Josie from "Josie & The Pussycats" is one of my 8 RETURN sketch cards I illustrated. I illustrated 88 sketch cards in total!
3-The third sketch card~ Betty reading Veronica's diary was illustrated by Randy Martinez...he did a guest appearance on this set & illustrated 8 sketch cards on top of the ones he collaborated with me...this is also one of my RETURNS!

-Hi Steve, How have your auctions for the March Of Dimes been going?
*** The online auctions, which was phase one of my annual "Be a Super Hero for Babies" campaign, did very well. We raised over $8,000, double of what we did last year. Phase two, which is the local comic art auction, is on Saturday, July 18 at Comic Evolution in Puyallup, WA. Paul Gulacy is set to appear, as well as other artists.
-How much have you raised for them to date?
*** With pre-orders of the "Archie Comics" and "Greatest American Hero" Sketch Card Series packs, as well as the $8,000 from phase one, we are over $20,000 so far this year!
-Do you have a goal of how much you hope to raise? 
*** My personal goal is $30,000 for the year and I think that is attainable.
-Do you have a deadline for yourself or will this be an ongoing thing with you continuing to be a "Super Hero For Babies"?
*** The "Be a Hero for Babies" campaign that Farmers Insurance does each year ends July 22. My fundraising falls under that, so that is my deadline, also. But, I am continually working on my fundraising all year long, although the emphasis is during the summers.
Steve, you managed to do something REALLY unique, something that's NEVER been done before...You attained some BIG licenses! Can you tell us about that? 
*** I just contacted the appropriate parties and told them my idea. Everyone I contacted was more than happy to jump onboard. I picked two licenses that fit and that I really enjoyed as a kid, "Archie" and "Greatest American Hero". "The Mutant Ninja Turtles" was a nice addition to the "Archie" series due to their past association.
-When will these sets be released?
*** June 15 for "Archie" and July 15 for Greatest American Hero".
-Are you selling pre-orders & if so, how can someone order?
*** I can be contacted directly at for pricing and ordering info.
-Is it true the "Archie Comics" set is almost SOLD OUT?
*** For all intents and purposes it is. I have a reserve of packs for individual collectors.
-Do you have any auctions coming up in the near future?
*** Well, after the comic art auction in July, we are done for the year and it all starts again in 2010 and I hope we do even better next year!
-Steve, is there Anything else you would like to add?
*** Even though the artists are great and the projects are fun, we all should remember why we support March of Dimes. Saving babies is an important effort. 

Visit to learn more. Thank you.

Thank you Steve for being YOU & everything you do! Together WE CAN make a difference!

PeAce Love aRt & sOuL
Denise Vasquez

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