Wednesday, June 3, 2009


I'm am sooooo BEYOND excited about being a part of the 

Archie Comics/March Of Dimes set!

This set is special to me in more ways than you can imagine: 

-Archie Comics was the first comics I read growing up (I'm still growing up mind you)...

-Proceeds from this set go to the March Of Dimes...

-This is the FIRST sketch card set that I illustrated using Acrylic paint (Most of my sketch cards on this set are full color & I hand painted them using Acrylic paint and Artist pens...The few sketch cards that I illustrated in black & white were drawn using Faber Castell Indian Ink Artist pens...


My partner Randy Martinez collaborated with me on some of my sketch cards!!!

Here are the details about this set:

2009 Archie Comics / March of Dimes Sketch Card Series

Release Date: June 15, 2009

Autographed sketch cards include Ron Dante, lead singer of the 60's group The Archies.

*There are 2,199 individually numbered packs and in each one is an original, one-of-a-kind sketch card. 

Proceeds go to March of Dimes! 

There will be autographs included, as well Hot Packs of more than one sketch card and redemption cards for pages of original Archie Comics artwork. Plus, there will be a limited number of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles sketch cards drawn by Mirage Studios artists included. E-mail for more info and prices 

- 10 sketch cards will be autographed by Dawn Wells
- 20 sketch cards will be autographed by Ron Dante, lead singer of the 60's music group The Archies
- surprise autographed sketch cards

Low numbers of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles sketch cards done by Mirage Studios artists, Chris Allen, Rich Molinelli, Eric Talbot, Jim Lawson, Dan Berger, and Michael Dooney.

Of the 2,199 packs there will be 30 Hot Packs (containing 2 or 3 sketch cards). These extra Hot Pack cards will be specially marked (75 Hot Pack cards).

There will be 50 packs with an Original Art Redemption Card for an original page of Archie artwork by current Betty & Veronica artist Jeff Shultz, in addition to the sketch card.

The odds of receiving one of the above special packs is approximately 1:14. 

Adam DeKraker
Jenn Dillman
Adriana Vargas
Jeremy Treece
Al Rio
Jerry Gaylord
Alex Alderete
Jess Hickman
Amber Stone
Jim Mahfood
Ana Harmon
Jim Rugg
Andrea Koupal
JJ Harrison
Arley Tucker
Bat Hilliard
Justin Ridge
Batton Lash
Kathleen Webb
Beck Kramer
Katie Cook
Bill Galvan
Keith Dotson
Bill Webb
Kelly Everaert
Billy Tan
Kevin Anderson
Brian Shearer
Kevin Graham
Bruce Gerlach
Kristin Allen
Bryan Turner
Landy Jolley
Chad Spilker
Lisa Treece
Chris Allen
Manny Mederos
Christian Thomas
Mark Bloodworth
CK Russell
Mark Voger
Craig Boldman
Matt Maguire
Dan Parent
Michael Dooney
Daniel Campos
Michael Duron
Daniel Devine
Michael Munshaw
Mirage Studios
David Namisato
Nicole Falk
Dean Yeagle
Nicole Goff
Denise Vasquez
Randy Martinez
Norm Breyfogle
Eric Merced
Patrick Lee
Erica Henderson
Penelope Gaylord
Evan T Shaner
Periscope Studio
Fraim Brothers
Rich Bonk
Rich Koslowski
Frankie B Washington
Rich Molinelli
Fred Hembeck
Rick Geary
Gary Barker
Robert Hack
Gene Espy
Ryan Cody
Geoffrey Shane
Scott Barnett
Gerry Acerno
Shaun Ward
Guy Davis
Shawn McManus
Howard Bender
Sherry Leak
Stan Goldberg
Ian Sokoliwski
Ted Dastick
Terry Tibke
James Lyle
Tom Fleming
Jamie Campbell
Troy Parke
Jay Fosgitt
Uko Smith
Jeff Shultz
Wayne Dyck

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