Friday, April 10, 2009


I received the go ahead from Steve Frank to post this announcement on his and the MARCH OF DIMES behalf...

"Hello. Thank you to everyone who has asked to contribute to my "Be A Super Hero For Babies" sketch card Campaign. I am pleased to announce a partnership with "ARCHIE COMICS" to produce an officially licensed co-branded ARCHIE COMICS/MARCH OF DIMES sketch card series for release this summer. I am actively recruiting artists to participate. There will be compensation for artists that are selected and willing to do over 30 cards. If you are interested, please submit 2 SKETCH CARDS, one male Archie character & one female Archie Character (See the samples illustrated by Denise Vasquez above). You can email images. Many spots are already taken by current Archie artists. The deadline to be considered for this is April 17th. Thank you all once again for your support in helping families, and specifically, babies. Steve Frank"

You can email images to Steve Frank:

Good luck everyone!

Together WE CAN make a difference!

PeAce LOvE aRt & sOuL
Denise VAsquez

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