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AND I LOVE Sedona, Arizona! 

I recently road tripped to Sedona, Arizona with my bestfriend/my soul mate/my boyfriend. We were both ready for a much needed getaway & we were celebrating our anniversary!

This was my second time going to's been over 15 years!

I had forgotten how amazing the colors of the Red Rocks were! 

Me growing up in New York City, I have never seen canyons, rocks, mountains...nothing like this!

My boyfriend & I had been talking about doing a road trip for some time, and we both were sooo ready for a vacation, so we decided to drive to Sedona which is one of my favorite places I've been to date! 

Our adventure began early in the morning...We were on the road for 8 hours or so...

I LOVE being on the road!!! 

For me, there's something really exciting about going someplace different, outside of my norm...I always look forward to a new experience, which pretty much happens every day, BUT I have to admit, there's something about being on the road, watching the world all around passing me by...perhaps it's the physical feeling of "Going Somewhere"...

It was a long drive, but a really nice drive...We took our time, stopping from time to time to stretch, walk around, get water, gas, snacks...

It was absolutely wonderful being able to spend quality time with the one I love!!! I really enjoyed our conversations during the drive...There's no better time to reflect, talk & relax without any distractions of the phone, tv or computer!

I LOVE nature! I need to live around nature...Being around nature inspires me & makes me feel even more alive...

We arrived in Sedona in the evening & it was pretty dark outside...there was NO moon...but there was this energy & we both felt it...I got so excited I couldn't contain myself as I laughed aloud...I couldn't wait to go to sleep & wake up to see what surrounded us!

And the STARS! My goodness...they were so BIG...I've never seen a night sky such as this...well maybe in a planetarium...but these stars were REAL! Pretty spectacular!!! I was quite overwhelmed in a good way! Venus & Saturn were soooo close, they shined brighter than anything I've ever seen!!! I even saw a shooting star!

In Sedona, one can't help being uplifted the moment the sun comes up!!! WOW WOW WOW!
The view from our room was was just a taste of what was out there!

All of the beautiful colors & textures, everywhere...all around you- the baby blue sky acting as a beautiful backdrop to the Red Rocks, the green trees, the yellow grass...VERY stimulating!!!!

And the VORTEXES!!!!

What is a Vortex? A vortex is the funnel shape created by a whirling fluid or by the motion of spiraling energy. A Vortex can be made up of anything that flows such as wind, water or electricity. 

Sedona has long been known as a spiritual power center because of the vortexes of energy located in the area. The vortexes are energies coming out from the earths surface. There are 4 main energy Vortexes in Sedona. 

The energy that exists at the vortexes interacts with who a person is inside! It resonates and strengthens the inner being of each individual that comes within a quarter of a mile of it! 

Millions of people come from around the world each year to experience the vortexes...

Randy & I managed to hike to three out of the 4 vortexes- Airport Vortex, Boynton Canyon Vortex, and Bell Rock Vortex...

OH YES, we felt the energy & had some wild experiences which we managed to capture in some of our photos! 

Out of the 3 vortexes, Randy & I both felt that Bell Rock Vortex was the most powerful. We found out later that the energy @Bell Rock Vortex is very powerful because It strengthens all three parts: The masculine side, the feminine side, and the balance. The Airport Vortex strengthens the masculine side...and the Boynton Canyon Vortex strengthens the balance between the masculine & the feminine side...very interesting, because we both felt different things at the different vortexes & we didn't know why until later!

All of the vortexes are easily accessible, but get some good hiking shoes! Trust me, it's definitely worth the trip!

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