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It's been years since I had the chance to really enjoy it! Normally I end up working...Last year I had a show which was band & I dressed up, but there was still this feeling within me, that was yearning for something more on Halloween!

Well this year was going to be different! In ways that I had only imagined as a child! 

This was my first Halloween where I lived in a house, where my partner Randy & I could decorate any way we imagined...

I had some old decorations that I accumulated or made myself over the years & we waited last minute to purchase new decorations marked 50% off...good call Randy!

We got a graveyard set that had 16 pieces- tombstones, crosses, skulls, bones (I saw this the week before & really wanted it...well we now got it for half the price!)

...we got a sign that lights up for our front porch that says "The Witch Is In Beware" with an illustration of a witch riding a broom...a scary skull head with a dark hood with bright blinking red eyes...Cob webs, candy corn lights, lots of candles, and two big pumpkins for us to carve!

What a blast! I LOVE letting the child within me come out to play! And she sure did!

Randy & I spent two days decorating our place. 

Day one we put minimal decorations outside the house and worked on carving our pumpkins. 

Randy's momma Kay came over and joined in the pumpkin carving fun. She brought over her little pumpkin & a bottle of red wine...

So we chatted for a while about our pumpkin ideas, poured some wine and started sketching out ideas. As Randy was going to do a scary pumpkin, I decided to do a cute/cartoon like pumpkin. The photo above is the result of Randy's pumpkin & mine!

Day 2 We used Some of Randy's Star Wars props (He put a scary Darth Maul In our window that appeared to be a dark shadow from a was creepy looking), and I placed his life- sized Yoda by the window peaking out...

Then we came up with a brilliant idea to have scary music playing...not only that, but I suggested having the music come from our garage which was positioned perfectly near our front porch. Randy took it a step further & had the garage door slightly lifted which allowed the imagination room to fear what was lurking in the dark...

Randy purchased some glow sticks to put in the fake cemetery we built in our small front garden & I picked some flowers from out back yard & placed them in front of one of the tombstones...

Halloween night...i waited last minute to decide what I was going to be for Halloween & perhaps being spontaneous really worked this time! Randy reminded me I had fairy wings in the garage that were brand new, still in the packaging...that's It, I'll be a I went through my closet & found some old clothes that I knew would work really well with the costume...I prayed that these clothes still fit me as I've put on a few pounds since I've worn these clothes last...

YES! The clothes fit & I was really happy with how the costume was coming I needed to find the right jewelry...I went through some boxes & found some simple pieces that matched perfectly color-wise & style wise...I did my makeup with soft tones of blue to match the color of my fairy wings and clothes and I painted a heart on one of my cheeks & a peace sign on my other cheek...I guess I was the peace/Love fairy!

Randy decided last minute to be a pirate...he threw together his costume in like 5 minutes with makeup & all and he looked fantastic!

We were told that the trick or treaters start coming out at about 6pm, and they were right on time! They came in swarms...a group would come...and then silence for about 15 minutes in between. Apparently our neighborhood is the neighborhood to come for Halloween because most of our neighbors really get into Halloween with decorating & candy.

One of our neighbors went all out building a full on cemetery in his entire front yard...he put up this gate that looked like an old graveyard gate, he put black curtains on all of his windows...a goblin was hanging from a steak going through his heart...tombstones, crosses...

Mama Kay had a big glow in the dark skeleton hanging from her front porch...bats hanging in cobwebs and spider lights...

Too fun!

One of the things I especially LOVE about Halloween is how creative everyone allows themselves to be! 

Of course the fun decorations on the homes...but the COSTUMES...WOW! I was really impressed by all of the costumes that came across our door...I loved the ones that the kids made themselves & I was especially happy to see how many kids made themselves into peace loving hippies with peace signs painted on their clothing, on their faces...LOVE it!!! Yes, I myself am a peace loving "Tree hugger" Hippie as I've been called...

One of my personal favorite moments of the evening was a little girl, she was probably 4 years old, if that...she was also dressed like a little fairy, her mom says to her as they approach our front steps "Look she's a fairy too"...the little girl looks at me and says "ahhh as she gasps your tinker bell!!!" Her moms whispers to me "She LOVES tinker bell" so I say "Yes, I'm tinker bell" and the little girl says "I want to see you fly" We all start laughing because she is just the sweetest, cutest thing and we don't want to spoil her fun so I say "I can't fly right now because I have to make sure all the boys and girls get candy" she says "OK" and waves as she walks away with her mom saying "Mommy I want to see her fly"...too precious!

I also LOVED our scary music coming from our garage...The music freaked soooo many people out...Can you hear the theme to Halloween...Beatlejuice...the Monster many people commented on how much they loved the music even when they were scared and some asked me if something was going to grab them or jump out from the garage...I laughed at how many people stood far away from the garage trying to look into the darkness from a distance, to see if anything was there...ahhhh the power of the mind!

We got so many compliments from our neighbors near and far on how great our place looked!

I'm glad people were able to enjoy as much as Randy & I did!

We had a huge batch of candy that we were going through quickly, so Randy went to the store & got more, thank goodness because we would have totally run out too early!

Randy had some silly string that we both enjoyed spraying on some of the children while we took turns handing out candy!

I'm sad Halloween has come and gone...I'll cherish these memories forever! Until next year!

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