Monday, October 20, 2008

Art & Soul

For those of you who didn't know by now based on my blogs I've been posting here, I'm a singer, songwriter, guitarist, actress, dancer, poet, activist...

I'm basically an artist with a cause! Many of you that have recently discovered I am an artist, have been asking me where you can hear my music. Well if you're here then take a listen below! 

You can also google me "Denise Vasquez"... prepared if you do...about a hundred or so pages will come up! Hey, I'm an indie artist doing it DIY!!!!

Since 1999, I've been putting myself on every music related site I could find! Yes, I'm on You Tube, myspace, facebook, cdbaby, musicforte,, reverbnation, garageband, soundclick & much more!!!


Light a candle, some incense, sit back relax if you're over 21, pour yourself a glass of wine & enjoy the ride!

Art & Soul
Denise Vasquez

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