Thursday, July 10, 2008


Right now I'm taking a break from recording my newest song I wrote called "I'M SORRY". 

So far I've recorded some scratch guitar tracks, and after laying down a number of different vocal tracks with different effects, I finally managed to find the sound I liked for my vocal, so I got a scratch done for my vocal too!

I'm new to learning the technical side of recording, but I've been having soooo much fun learning!

DIY BABY!!! I've always been a firm believer in "doing it yourself". 

I am the master of making my dreams a reality, by utilizing all the opportunities all around me...Where do I find the opportunities? I CAN SEE the possibilities...if they're not right in front of me, I find ways...I create ways...I plant seeds...that will help me accomplish my goals...

I want to finish recording my 4th album!

I'm recording it in my home studio...myself!!!

I'm totally capable! And I'm having fun!!! 

I've self-produced 3 albums so far:
-Album #1 "FIGHTING DARKNESS" (recorded live performance in Hollywood, tribute to 911)

-Album #2 "LIVE IN ONE TAKE" (recorded live in the studio & on location in "one take" in the Virgin Islands)

-Album #3 "FRAME OF MIND" (recorded in the studio- I co-produced this album with producer Lauren Stalnecker in Nashville)

-Album #4 "LIFE HAPPENS" (recording in my home studio)

I've been using "GARAGEBAND" on my MAC, combined with my good ole "M-BOX"". The vocal mic I'm using is my favorite AUDIX MIC the VX10. For acoustic guitar, I'm using my "YAMAHA APX 8A", and for electric guitar, I'll be using my DAISY ROCK RETRO-H...that's what I have so far...

I wrote the lyrics & the chords for my song "I'M SORRY" the other day. Usually when I write a song, I record it right away so I don't forget my ideas...even if it's on a portable tape recorder....get it down!!! I got beyond busy, over the last few days preparing for Japan, that I didn't lay down my ideas..."BAD GIRL!"... I know, I know, but the good news is, I remembered everything...Whew! I'm grateful!!! And I won't be making that mistake again! Luckily, My notes were really specific...the chord progression on this baby made it all come back to me!!! For me, this is another indication that this song is meant to be recorded and put out into the universe! Honestly, I think this is my best song EVER...but then, I always think that! I'm really proud of all the songs I've written...they're all from my heart, and I LOVE them all...they're all my babies...

I've always said, for me, writing a song is what I imagine giving birth is like...I feel something incredible, growing inside me...then the day comes, when it's ready to comes out and then I hold it close to my heart...It's's a's beautiful...I give my heart to it...I watch it grow...I let it go, out into the world, when it's ready, as a proud mother would her grown child, and I watch how the world embraces my gift...


So back to my song "I'M SORRY". 

What inspired my song? LIFE! It always does! 

Now the REAL question should be "What triggered the song?" Because for me, personally, I feel like songs are brewing inside of me, and then something triggers them, and BAM...they just flow through me like a dam that broke...

What triggered the song? Ahhhh...A number of things...I can't just pin point it on one thing, because, a number of things that I've experienced triggered it...I suppose one thing that I experienced recently was the right key that unlocked the door!

What came first, the words or the music? BOTH! Believe it or not, as soon as I picked up my guitar & put the TWO CAPOS on it (Yes, For this song I use 2 CAPOS-a G7th NASHVILLE CAPO & A SHORT KYSER CAPO)...I started playing around with chords, as if to find the chords playing in my heart...and as soon as I found the chords, the words came! Don't get me wrong, I did some rewrites to get the song where it needed to be...but the first draft, made me sit back and ask myself  questions like "What is the song about?" "Who am I talking to? "Where am I?" 

Looking at the words to the song, I began to wonder, "why is it so hard for people to say I'm sorry"...then began the the song is finished...the result is a very beautiful song! You'll hear soon enough!

Denise Vasquez

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