Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Having a music video for my songs is something I've been wanting to do for some time now. I have live videos of my performances with a band or solo, as well as fan made videos where they attach images to my song, but I haven't made a video, the way I would like, that was specific around the song...until now! 

Why did I wait so long??? 

For a while, I HAD IT IN MY HEAD...My perspective at the time was that it would cost me loads of money that I didn't have. That was how I saw things to be, until I changed my way of thinking! 


I got the idea to approach someone who was going to film school. I approached a couple of people that were in film school & we spoke about some great ideas, but our schedules always clashed. 

One night at one of my live performances in Santa Monica, California, a gentleman named Dennis who was there filming another artist, approached me and introduced himself. He asked if it was OK that he filmed my set. I gave him the OK, and he's been filming my live performances since. At one of my shows, Dennis approached me and said he would LOVE to do a music video of one of my songs. I was sooo excited! I really felt good about Dennis doing a music video with me. He's been filming my live shows, he's familiar with ME as a human being, as well as familiar with my songs! 

Originally, I wanted to do a music video for a song I wrote about Los Angeles called "NOTHINGS MISSING", but then...I wrote a new song...EVOLUTION REVOLUTION!

With everything that's happening in the world right now: war, hunger, homelessness, recession, gas prices, our's easy to get upset about things...

...Time and time again, I wonder, how can I "Be the change you wish to see in the world"-gandi

One day I asked myself this question, as my man Randy and I were driving back to Los Angeles from a mini tour in Arizona. We stopped at Target to get some things, and this book on a shelf was calling out to me...books have a way of finding me, at the right time...but that's another blog! So I literally walk backwards (it felt like slow motion) to this book on the shelf calling out to me to see what it is. The Book had a bright orange cover, paperback, and had 2 stickers on it. One sticker read "Book Oprah's Club" and the other "20% Off"...not only that, the book was written by one of my favorite authors Eckhart Tolle who wrote "The Power Of Now"...This book I had in my hand was called "A NEW EARTH awakening to your life's purpose". 

So I start reading it on our way drive back to Los Angeles, and I stop from time and time again, to look outside my window at life going by, very quickly. 

As I was reading the book, I felt something, it's hard to describe but I'll try...

I felt like a new, dry sponge being held under a warm, flowing water faucet...I soaked up that book like a wet sponge...I could almost feel something inside me about to erupt, like a volcano...

We get home, I take a shower, grab my book and jump into bed...I can't put the book down...I got through the book in 24 hours...

The next day I woke up, and it's as if the book was the icing on the cake!!! It was the last ingredient needed for my recipe- Our trip to Arizona + everything that was happening in the world +  life + all of my experiences + combined with what I read in that book triggered my song "EVOLUTION REVOLUTION". 

So now back to the music video. I forward my song to Dennis. He sends me a draft video with some of his ideas...BRILLIANT! LOVE IT! We discuss things, I give him feedback and make suggestions, he gets back to me with more ideas...which I'm loving how well we communicate...we set a date and time, Sunday, July 6th 10AM...and we made it happen! Dennis filmed portions of the video that day. He filmed and took shots of me singing, singing and playing guitar, closeups and from different angles. I'm looking forward to seeing the result. It was a wonderful experience & I accomplished one of my biggest goals!

I posted my song "EVOLUTION REVOLUTION" on my myspace 
To see how my friends, fans liked it...the response is INCREDIBLE! People LOVED & embraced the song just as much as I did!

PeAcE LoVe ArT & sOuL
Denise Vasquez 

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